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Eddie George Net Worth

What is Eddie George Net Worth?

Eddie George, a former American football player in NFL who played for a span of nine seasons, is worth $2.5 million as on 2018. He retired when he was just 30 due to several toe and ankle injuries which led to mediocre performances in the games. Eddie prepared himself to become an entrepreneur towards the end of his football career and is a very successful businessman today. Not just focusing on pocketing millions, Eddie also involves in various philanthropic activities.
John Madden Net Worth

A Sneak Peek into John Madden Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Career

John Madden, the former broadcaster and coach for NFL, is worth a $200 million as of 2018. The 81-year-old Madden, who began his career as an assistant coach is known to be one of the best coaches of the Oakland Riders. As a commentator, Madden earned at least $5 million annually apart from earning in millions from his endorsements.
Kane Net Worth

Everything You Wanted to Know About Kane: Net Worth, Career, etc.

‘Kane’ has become such a common name in every household for over a decade now. The Spanish wrestler, actor and a businessman who is running for the major seat of Knox County as a Republican is worth $9 million today. His source of earnings apart from wrestling includes movies, comic books, video games and his insurance business that he started with his wife, Crystal Maurisa Goins.

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