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tartar removal at home

Is Tarter Removal Possible at Home? Know Other Options

While there may be certain ingredients such as strawberries, apple cider vinegar and baking soda that are believed to help remove tartar, it is not a good idea.
black tartar on teeth

Black Tartar on Teeth – Cause, Remedies & Prevention

Black tartar on teeth is a pigmented form of the traditional yellow tartar. Calcification of dental plaque forms yellow or tan colored tartar. Dental plaque is a colorless film coating our teeth so we can't see the plaque.
what is tartar

What is Tartar & Why It is the Root Cause of Gum Problems?

Tartar is also known as calculus. Dental plaque, when left on the teeth for too long, calcifies and forms tartar. Dental plaque is a colorless biofilm consisting of bacteria and saliva.

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