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Professional Teeth Whitening Cost

Professional Teeth Whitening Cost – Is It Really Worth Going for It?

Professional teeth whitening cost could go heavy on your pocket. The options regarding whitening vary in price and effectiveness. Laser treatments tend to be the most expensive, yet it is the most effective treatment of all. You can expect to pay around $500 to $1000 for the professional whitening.

Tooth Discoloration – How to Get Rid of Stained Teeth?

Tooth discoloration, also known as stained teeth, is changing of the color of your tooth to different shade from previous natural color. Common factors of tooth discoloration are starchy food, acidic drinks, poor dental hygiene, genetics, certain diseases, medications and some environmental elements.
How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Teeth?

White spots on teeth may indicate decay of the tooth. White spots can form due to an accumulation of bacterial plaque or due to fluorosis, poor nutrition, enamel hypoplasia, calcium deposits, etc.
brown spots on teeth

Brown Spots on Teeth – Cause & Treatment Options

Brown spots on teeth are one type of teeth discoloration that is prevalent in masses. They can be noticeable or subtle teeth discoloration in the shade from almost yellow to dark brown.
Baking soda for teeth whitening

Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening – Effective or Not?

Baking soda is nothing but sodium bicarbonate, which is an alkaline substance and has the property of removing stains. Having said this, you should be careful while using baking soda for teeth whitening.
natural teeth whitening methods - how to whiten teeth

7 Natural Teeth Whitening Methods – Inexpensive & Convenient

Conventional teeth whitening methods involves harsh chemicals & bleaching agents, which have side effects. Natural ways to whiten teeth are oil pulling, baking soda brushing, apple cider vinegar rinse, etc. Let's see how to whiten teeth in detail. Also, know what shade of white is possible as it varies case to case.

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