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Premolar Teeth

Premolar Teeth – Structure, Function, and Some Interesting Facts

Premolars are double pointed teeth that are present between canine and first molar. They are also called transitional teeth because they have the property of both canine and molars.
What are Dental Sealants

What are Dental Sealants? – Know Everything About It

Dental sealants seal deep grooves and make the top surfaces of your teeth smooth. Dentists prefer to apply sealants in newly erupted molar teeth in children. On rare occasions, sealants are helpful for adults and primary teeth as well.
cracked molar

Can a Cracked Molar be Fixed? Detection & Treatment

Cracked tooth syndrome occurs when there is a very fine crack in the tooth surface. Molars (lower back teeth) absorb most of the forces of chewing and hence cracks on molars are common. Common causes of a cracked molar are large restorations, chewing on something hard like ice or meat bones, trauma, etc.
wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Everything that You Need to Know

Third molar or wisdom tooth eruption could be painful to many. Wisdom tooth is mostly impacted and it is advised to go for wisdom teeth removal as they can get painful, infected or put pressure on the neighboring teeth. The surgery lasts for 40-60 minutes and post-surgery its takes 7-14 days to heal

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