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how to get rid of an ingrown toenail

How to Get Rid of an Ingrown Toenail? – 6 Natural Treatments

An ingrown toenail, also known as onychocryptosis or unguis incarnatus, is a painful condition of the toe. It occurs when a sharp edge of the toenail digs into the skin. Conventional treatments are wedge resection & matrixectomy. Home remedies are Epsom salt, & apple cider vinegar soak, proper trimming, etc.
Toenail Fungus Treatment

7 Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis or tinea unguium, is caused by a group of fungi known as dermophytes. Terbinafine, fluconazole, etc. are conventional treatment options whereas tea tree oil, olive oil, oregano oil, probiotics, healthy food habits are natural toenail fungus treatment options

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