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Risks of Getting Your Tongue Pierced

What are the Risks of Getting Your Tongue Pierced?

Risks of getting your tongue pierced are excessive bleeding, injuries to the mouth and teeth, infection at the site of piercing. Some severe effects of tongue piercing involve swelling, scarring, nerve damage, and even gum diseases.
What is Glossitis

What is Glossitis? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Glossitis is an inflammatory condition of the tongue caused primarily due to nutritional deficiency, trauma or irritation of tongue. Glossitis responds well to the treatment and is improvised with proper care over time. Accurate treatment focusing on cause accompanied by good oral hygiene practice, healthy diet, avoidance of irritants (includes alcohol, spicy food, cigarette) helps in the proper management of the condition.
Lingual nerve damage

Lingual Nerve Damage- Causes and Treatment

Lingual nerve damage is a serious condition to keep in mind during any surgical procedure. Depending on the injury, it can have implications ranging from temporary loss of taste to more permanent life-altering consequences. It is best if it is diagnosed early on and treated by an appropriate surgical or non-surgical method.
white tongue and bad breath

How White Tongue and Bad Breath are Related?

When you are having a bad breath then check if your tongue is white. Bad breath is often related to the white tongue. Your white tongue indicates that food debris, bacteria, and dead cells have been trapped between enlarged papillae.
Yellow Tongue

Yellow Tongue – Different Causes and Treatment

Most of the reasons for a yellow tongue are minor conditions that are treatable. Your tongue may become yellow because of problems like Jaundice, oral infections, geographic tongue, and black hairy tongue.
Black Spots on Tongue

Black Spots on Tongue – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Various causes of black spots on the tongue such as hyperpigmentation, oral cancer, piercing, injury, smoking, alcohol, reaction to medicine, etc.

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