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jaw expander

What is a Jaw Expander and When It is Used?

Jaw expander, also known as the jaw widener, used for the widening of the jaw. The primary goal of the jaw expander is to expand the jaw and to make room for the crowded teeth.
Misaligned Jaw

Misaligned Jaw – Problems Faced & Treatment Options

Occlusion is the relationship of your upper teeth to your lower teeth. It also covers the relationship of your upper and lower jaw. In normal occlusion, the upper teeth protrude slightly outside and below the lower teeth. Overbite and underbite are common examples of the misaligned jaw where the upper and lower teeth do not meet properly.
Underbite Correction

Underbite Correction Options – Know Which One is Best?

Underbite condition is a misalignment of teeth which can cause pain, additional wear and tear of the tooth enamel, alter the speech, and the ability to chew. It is mostly a genetic condition but, in rare cases, it can result due to childhood habits such as thumb sucking, excessive use of the pacifier, mouth breathing, etc.

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