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what causes belly fat

What Causes Belly Fat? – 14 Reasons that You Should Know

A poor diet that is low in dietary fiber and proteins and high in sugary food and trans fats can lead to belly fat. Lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking, and stress are also responsible for the accumulation of belly fat.
Weight Gain Foods

19 Weight Gain Foods – Help You Gain Weight Naturally

You must consume weight gain foods that are also highly nutritious & rich in proteins. Here’s a list of 19 super foods that help you gain weight naturally such as milk, nuts, rice, avocados, cheese, bananas, red meats, starchy carbs, fatty fish, dried fruit, dark chocolate, eggs, full fat yoghurt, cereals, etc.
how to gain weight fast

How to Gain Weight Fast? – 15 Ways to Put On a few Pounds

Gaining weight can be tough when the whole world seems focused on losing weight. Piling on calories with no consideration to nutrition is not the answer to weight gain. You may end up with many more health problems than you started out with. Moving ahead, we will see how to gain weight fast.

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