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windows 10 virtual desktops

How to Quickly Switch between Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

Using the Windows 10 Virtual Desktops Feature is highly productive. However, to make it even more efficient, use the Keyboard Shortcuts instead: Press the Windows Key+Ctrl+D to add a new virtual desktop. Also, To switch through the various virtual desktops, press the Windows Key+Ctrl+Left/Right Arrows.
Microsoft is not discontinuing MS Panit

Why Microsoft is Not Going to Discontinue MS Paint

In the past two weeks, people have shown how much they still love and support Windows old and irrevocable trusted application “MS Paint”. Last month, news surfaced that Microsoft is going to discontinue MS Paint in its next Autumn release of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update. The moment this news was out, a lot of people showed their massive support to MS Paint on various platforms like social media, etc. It did not take long for Microsoft to realize the outpouring love of MS paint fans. On 24th July 2017, Microsoft announced that MS Paint will not be removed completely but will get a new place in the Windows Store.

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