15 Top Zinc-Rich Foods that You Must Include in Your Diet

Lack of zinc can lead to impaired immunity, diarrhea, impotence, stunted growth in children, loss of appetite, hair loss and skin lesions. You should include zinc-rich foods, such as lamb, shellfish, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, etc., to your daily diet

What is Zinc Good For? Why is It Must for Good Health?

Most of you wonder on what is zinc good for. Apart from the obvious uses of zinc in automobile and cosmetic industry, you'll be surprised to know that even our body needs small amounts of zinc daily. Zinc performs various body functions like scavenging free radicals, immune reactions, hormonal balance, and fertility.

9 Super Zinc Benefits on Our Health that Everyone Should Know

Zinc is a trace mineral which is required by our body to stay healthy. Zinc benefits our body by playing a multitude of roles from maintaining our immune system to fighting deadly diseases such as cancer. Other zinc benefits include brain nourisher, maintains a healthy heart, helps in type 2 diabetes, etc.

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