Loopback IP Address – What Purpose It Serves?

The purpose of the IP Address is to loop back to the same address and establish a connection to the system used by the end user.

Network Routers – Types and Selection Criteria

A Router is an electronic device that is used to connect two or more networks. Broadband, wireless, Edge etc are some of the types of router.
what is sftp

SFTP – Simple or SSH File Transfer Protocol or Both?

SFTP can refer to either SSH File Transfer Protocol or Simple File Transfer Protocol. Both have a relation with FTP and used for file transfer. While Simple FTP is kind of obsolete, SSH FTP is secure and most prevalent these days.
change ip address

Do You Want to Change Your IP Address? Find How?

The IP address is a unique address assigned to devices on the network. There can be several reasons why you may want to change it including hiding your identity or accessing location restricted content.
wep key

How Does WEP Key Work? Reason for Obsoleteness

WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. It is an encryption protocol to protect a wireless network. WEP is getting obsolete in favor of WPA2.
linksys default password

Forgot Linksys Password? How to Reset & Default Password List

Every Linksys router has a default password to access the Linksys router setup page. Find out the list of Linksys passwords and how to reset them.

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