token ring

How Does Token Ring Work? Token Ring vs Ethernet

Token Ring is a communication protocol for local area networks (LANs) that connects devices using a star or ring topology. Once it was widely used on LANs but getting displaced by Ethernet.
wifi hotspot

How to Turn Your Cell Phone into a Wifi Hotspot?

WIFI hotspot means using a cell phone as a wireless router to offer internet access to a laptop, tablet and other wifi enabled devices.
bandwidth cap

What is a Bandwidth Cap? How Does it Work?

A bandwidth cap is a service provider-imposed limit on the amount of data transferred by a user account at a specified level of throughput over a given period.
what is wide area network

What is Wide Area Network (WAN) – Limitations and Benefits

Wide Area Network, commonly known as WAN is a computer network that extends over a relatively large geographical area. The largest WAN in existence is the Internet. A WAN functions like a Local Area Network (LAN), just on a larger scale.
Learn What is Network Security

What is Network Security? – Tools and Techniques

Network security is the set of activities and strategies adopted to protect the network and the systems from various kind of attacks.
network adapter

An Overview of Network Adapters – Wired and Wireless

A network adapter is the unit of a computer's hardware that a computing device employs for interfacing over a network with another computer. It could be wired or wireless.

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