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Why Microsoft is Not Going to Discontinue MS Paint

In the past two weeks, people have shown how much they still love and support Windows old and irrevocable trusted application “MS Paint”. Last month, news surfaced that Microsoft is going to discontinue MS Paint in its next Autumn release of Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update.
The moment this news was out, a lot of people showed their massive support to MS Paint on various platforms like social media, etc. It did not take long for Microsoft to realize the outpouring love of MS paint fans. On 24th July 2017, Microsoft announced that MS Paint will not be removed completely but will get a new place in the Windows Store.

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How Augmented Reality (AR) is Going to Change Your Future

Augmented reality (also known as AR) is one of those fantasies which featured in various movies in the time when a smartphone hardly existed. Technology has been changing our lives for good as ever and Augmented reality is the latest addition to our day to day lives. But for most of us, the fundamental question still exists – What is Augmented Reality or AR? What are its application other than Pokémon Go? Learn AR with real life examples

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7 Best Productivity Tools You Must Have in 2018

Lately, when did you realise that your personal gadgets could increase your efficiency level and make you productive? You have no idea! Do not worry as this piece of writing will change the way you have been handling your personal gadgets. I will show you 7 best productivity tools which could take your productivity to the next level.

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