Teeth Whitening App – A Way to Whiten Your Teeth in a Photo

Tooth staining is a widespread problem that can occur as we age. Although teeth whitening at the dental office or home is one of the solutions to treat stained teeth, various remedies can help whiten your teeth.

One of the most popular technological advancements people use to make their teeth white, especially in photos, is by using a digital tooth whitening application. These apps can instantly make your teeth brighter and whiter in the picture through your phone or laptop. Moreover, it gives you the ability to improve smiles, reshape facial structure, and add vivid makeup.


Teeth whitening apps are straightforward to use. Run the editing app on your phone and tap on the retouch button. Swipe over the teeth to make them look whiter. Save the photo and share it with the world. Today’s article will highlight the benefits of a tooth whitening app. Furthermore, we will discuss the best teeth whitening apps you can use on any device.

What is a teeth whitening app?

Teeth whitening app is an innovative digital application that enables us to edit and make changes to our teeth, lips, and face. It helps to make the teeth pearly white in any photo that may have been taken under bad lighting. Moreover, it helps to remove the unpleasant food and beverage stains on the teeth that may be visible in the photo (1)

This unique feature applies teeth whitening right where you want. Moreover, it gives you the option to adjust the fade for a natural look without a toothbrush.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening app?

Some of the benefits of teeth whitening app includes –

  • Wide variety of photo enhancing tools to brighten your smile
  • Gives you the ability to retouch an old photo and make it more natural-looking
  • Get rid of the unpleasant food stains that may have been captured in a photo.
  • Wide range of teeth shades to match your tone (2)
  • It also has options to get rid of blemishes and wrinkles, change eye color, lip color, and adjust the overall brightness of the photo.
  • Very easy to use and takes a few seconds to fix a photo

What are the disadvantages of a teeth whitening app?

While there are a lot of benefits to enjoy using a tooth whitening app, there are also a few drawbacks that may include –

  • You cannot change your original smile using the teeth whitening app
  • Every time you take a photo; you’ll have to edit it to get a whiter smile
  • it may not bring positive changes to your oral health
  • it can cause social embarrassment when people compare your photo to your natural smile

What are the best teeth whitening apps?

Air Brush

Air Brush is also an essential application for turning an ordinary photo into a beautiful one. Airbrush helps to improve the picture quality, smoothen the skin, remove imperfections like acne, scars, wrinkles, and any other unpleasant marks on the face.

Additionally, it allows teeth whitening, makeup adjustments, and red-eye removal. You can also adjust the overall brightness and dullness of the photo and create different themes around it.

Get Air Brush on google play and Appstore

Face tune

Face Tune is one of the most popular applications on the digital platform, which can improve the look of your face ad teeth in photos. It is one of the apps commonly used by social media influencers to make their photos more appealing and natural-looking.

One unique feature of face tune is that it solely focuses on improving facial characteristics such as –

  • Edit skin tone
  • Remove imperfections and shortcomings like blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Make teeth look whiter.
  • Remove moles and scars.
  • Reshape the corners of the mouth

Get face tune on google play and Appstore

Visage voir

The Visage voir application is an excellent tool for brushing up your photos quickly. Moreover, it is an excellent substitute for Photoshop application. A unique feature of the visage voir app is that you don’t have to do all the changes by yourself.

Instead, you can slightly adjust the result and get the perfect looking photo. Visage voir is best for removing the red-eye effect, skin pigmentation correction, and smoothening of any irregularities such as conceal fat and marks.

The results can be compared with the original photo to show how many improvements have been made by the application. Some additional features of visage voir app may include –

  • Adding a tan color
  • Adding shine to your face
  • Changing the color saturation of the photo
  • Whitening your teeth and the whites of the eye

get Visage voir app on google play and Appstore


Pixlr is a professional photo editor that uses a combination of effects and filters to make the photo look more appealing and glamorous.

Pixlr comes with a wide range of editing tools that are specially designed to customize any photos such as –

  • Wide variety of layouts, backgrounds, and intervals to make photo collages.
  • Adjust the color balance
  • Remove defects from the photo
  • Eliminate the red-eye effect
  • Whiten your teeth and whites of the eye
  • Provide best background colors and contrasts
  • Option to blur unwanted details
  • Provides an opportunity of focal blur

Get Pixlr on google play and Appstore

Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is a photo editing application that help to create a glamorous makeup look without wasting money on any of the products.

Perfect 365 is a very easy-to-use application because of the following features –

  • Offers new and different styles from makeup experts and artists every week
  • Change the color of the lips.
  • Whiten the teeth
  • Change the color of your hair.
  • Unlimited options with a unique blending of colors for makeup

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BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky is another photo editing application which can edit images using various editing tools such as –

  • Wide range of face filters
  • Change the brightness and contrast of any photo.
  • Change other parameters like crop and rotate a photo.
  • Add a soft blur to the photo.
  • Whiten the teeth
  • Add glasses to your face.
  • Add fake mustaches to a photo.
  • Adjust the white balance on the landscape

Get BeFunky on google play and Appstore

Photoshop Fix

Photoshop Fix is an app that is used by many professional photographers. It consists of a bunch of unique features that make a photo more appealing and pleasant to look at. The Photoshop fix app also provides various brushes, extended color palette, and darkening or lightening tools.

It is effortless to use and has a flexible setting that can be used to personalize every detail in the photo without disturbing the background scene.

Some of the features include –

  • Change the shape and size of the face, eyes, smile or teeth
  • Whiten the teeth and whites of the eye
  • Change hair color
  • Change lip color
  • Change skin tone by adding a tan
  • Change the brightness and contrast of the photo
  • Crop and add another background
  • Add stickers and glitters

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Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

This application helps to decorate pictures with different filters. Moreover, you can take pictures in any convenient place and change the background. Some of the unique features of this application include –

  • Smoothen the skin
  • Remove blemishes and wrinkles
  • Whiten the teeth
  • Remove pimples and acne marks
  • Add stickers to your photo

Get Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie on google play


The BeautyPlus application comes with many powerful editing tools that create different visual effects on the photo. Its unique feature of AR filters helps to turn an ordinary photo or video into a delightful and memorable masterpiece.

The updated Anime Cam is specially designed to add funny anime filters while taking solo or group photos. Moreover, it also provides an option to turn ordinary pictures to animated collage.

It is the most common app used by many famous makeup artists and photographers. The unique beauty camera allows simple face, hair, and neck corrections to create an incredible solo photo.

Some of the features of this app include –

  • change makeup
  • remove scars and acne marks
  • remove dark circles
  • whiten the smile
  • change the skin tone
  • add radiance or glow
  • change background colors to compliment your face
  • blur the surroundings
  • crop, zoom, stretch or rotate the photo

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Photo Collage Editor Selfie Camera Filter Sticker

This unique photo editing app allows you to adjust makeup, and work with different filters. Moreover, it provides several visual effects to create beautiful looking photos. The Photo Editor app also allows to qualitatively change a person’s face and adjust it to the add on makeup filter.

Other features of this app include –

  • smoothing face
  • removal of pimples and spots
  • teeth whitening
  • change the color of eyes
  • remove their redness
  • emphasize or repaint lips
  • remove bags under the eyes

you can also change the color to black and white, sepia, and other settings depending on your mood. Moreover, you can also change the brightness and contrast or adjust the light in particular areas of the photo.

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FAQs about teeth whitening app

How to whiten yellow teeth in my photo?

You can whiten your teeth by using the brush option under the beauty settings of your editing application. Use the brush to adjust the brightness of your teeth. Make sure it compliments your face in the photo.

You can also choose the different shades from the palette provided in the application.

Can you change the intensity of the teeth color?

Yes. You can choose the intensity of the shade you want and paint the teeth in your photo accordingly.

Can I remove staining from teeth while maintaining the same tooth color in the photo?

Yes. You can choose the retouch option and brush it on the tooth of interest to remove the stains. The color will remain the same. However, the discoloration and stains will be removed from the surface.


Take away message

Teeth whitening apps are a new innovative way of making your smile in your photos look more appealing and natural. Moreover, it helps to remove the unpleasant stains and discolorations from any picture you may want to share with the world.

Several free applications can be used on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Most of these teeth whitening apps are used by professional photographers and makeup artists. However, many teenagers and social media influencers are also known to beautify their photos with such apps.

While this app provides a wide range of effects and filters, the only drawback is that you cannot have the perfect smile in reality by using teeth whitening app. You may still have to rely on whitening products to get a natural-looking smile.


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