What is Teeth Whitening Paint? Benefits, Procedure, & Cost

While most people are too conscious about the way their smile looks, they don’t have enough time to spend on getting professional teeth whitening treatments. In such cases, many of them lean towards home teeth whitening procedures.

Home teeth whitening kits consist of a wide range of customized products to meet the needs of different people. One among them is the teeth whitening paint. It is an instant and effective solution to getting a whiter and brighter smile.


As the name suggests, teeth whitening paint is a special gel that can be applied directly to the tooth surface. There is no need for hassling around with whitening trays or light activating system. Teeth whitening pain is a rather quick and convenient option.

Today’s article will highlight the benefits and procedure of teeth whitening paint. Furthermore, we will discuss the disadvantages and costs of teeth whitening paint.

What is teeth whitening paint?

Teeth whitening paint is a unique home whitening product which typically consists of a whitening gel. The gel can be applied directly to the tooth surface during the day or night. The gels dry up and provide an instant transformation of a smile.

While there are many other teeth whitening products in the market, whitening paint is best for people who do not have enough time to spend on full-fledged teeth whitening routine. moreover, it is a lifesaver for people who want a touch up to their white smile. (1)

What is the procedure for using teeth whitening paint?

The method to use teeth whitening paint is straightforward and quick –

  • Take the teeth whitening gel on the brush applicator.
  • Apply a thin layer of the gel on the tooth surface
  • Let the gel dry on the tooth surface for at least 20-30 minutes.
  • Do not rinse your mouth and take care of the food and drinks you consume throughout the day.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening paint?

There are several benefits of teeth whitening paint which include –

  • Easy to apply – The teeth whitening paint is painted on the front surface of the teeth. However, make sure that your teeth are dry before applying the whitening pain as it helps the pain to stay on the tooth surface for long.
  • Paint on individual teeth – some people may need tooth whitening of one or more teeth only. In such cases, teeth whitening gels can be applied to the selected teeth.
  • No need for whitening trays – Use of trays is sometimes challenging to keep in place. No bleaching trays or plastic strips are needed to complete this method.
  • Affordable and provides instant results (2)
  • Saves time and convenient to use
  • Improves self-esteem

What are the drawbacks of teeth whitening paint?

While there are many benefits, there are some drawbacks to teeth whitening paint as well. Some of them include –

  • May wear away or wash off easily – teeth whitening paint tends to wear or wash off easily. This happens due to constant rubbing, making it a temporary fix for a whiter smile. Moreover, you may have to watch what you are eating to make the paint stay longer on the tooth surface.

It would be best to avoid drinking, to eat, and rinsing your mouth to keep the whitener in contact with your teeth. Moreover, minimize the amount of friction against your teeth.

  • May cause tooth sensitivity – most teeth whitening paint have peroxide compounds like the other bleaching products. Therefore, tooth sensitivity can be experienced after application. (3)
  • Difficulty in applying to the back teeth – these whitening gels are more comfortable applying to the front teeth. However, it might be challenging to use it to the back teeth.

Is teeth whitening pain safe?

Teeth whitening paints are one of the safest whitening products for home use. There has been no scientific evidence to support the safety concerns that may link tooth whitening paints with damage to the dental tissues.

It is essential to always buy a product from a well-known and trusted brand; moreover, check that it does not contain any toxic or harmful ingredients. You may also consult your dentist for suggestions of the best teeth whitening paints. (4)

What is the cost of teeth whitening paint?

Teeth whitening paint has a wide range of benefits, making it slightly more expensive than other home alternatives for teeth whitening. On average, the cost of teeth whitening paint is around $650. Some over-the-counter teeth whitening paint may cost between $200 – $800. However, it is best always to buy a trusted brand.

Take away message

Teeth whitening paint is a unique home care system that provides a whiter smile in just 20-30 minutes of application. It is a whitening gel formulated to stick to the surface of the tooth and provide instant results, especially for people who cannot spend more time on teeth whitening.

Some of the benefits of teeth whitening paint include the ease and convenience of usage. Moreover, it can be used for individual tooth whitening instead of all teeth. Another advantage is that it doesn’t require the use of teeth whitening trays.


Teeth whitening paints are also safe to use. However, it is best always to buy a trusted brand or consult your dentist before buying over-the-counter products.


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