Teeth Whitening Powder – Ingredients, Benefits, and More

There are millions of teeth whitening products in the market that guarantee a pearly white smile. One among them is teeth whitening powder. A unique characteristic of teeth whitening powder is that it is usually made from natural ingredients such as Wood, peat, olive pits, and coconut shells.

Many teeth whitening powders also contain an oxidizing agent that acts with the minerals in tooth enamel and remove the stains. Charcoal is a common active ingredient that aids in oxidizing the tooth stains and discolorations. Additionally, its porous and highly absorbent nature binds the toxins and odor from the tooth surface.


Teeth whitening powders are slightly different from regular whitening products such as whitening toothpaste, strips, and pen. This is because all other forms contain hydrogen peroxide in a gel-like consistency, which chemically acts with the tooth enamel.

Today’s article will highlight the benefits of teeth whitening powder. Furthermore, we will discuss its working mechanism and best teeth whitening powder available in the market.

What is teeth whitening powder made of?

Unlike other teeth whitening,  teeth whitening powder is typically made from natural elements that help remove the food stains, discoloration, and plaque from the tooth surface. Most teeth whitening agents contain charcoal as an active ingredient that acts as an oxidizer to remove the organic stain particles. Additionally, teeth whitening powder may include –

  • Olive pits
  • Slowly burned Wood (1)
  • Coconut shells
  • Peat

All these ingredients are finely grounded to form small powder-like particles. This helps to minimize the harmful effects of abrasive particles on the tooth enamel. Moreover, all the components of teeth whitening powder act as cleaning, polishing, and detoxifying agents. Furthermore, they provide a whiter and clean smile.

What are the benefits?

Typically, there are two main benefits of teeth whitening powder –

Removes tooth surface stains and improves the shade of the teeth

Most of the time, extrinsic tooth stains tend to accumulate on the outermost part of the tooth called enamel. This gradual buildup of tooth stains occurs from food habits like frequent consumption of coffee, red wine, chewing tobacco, and smoking. (2)

Such habits lead to a change in the tooth color from white to yellowish-brown. Teeth whitening powder contains adsorbents that remove these extrinsic stains resulting in overall teeth whitening.

Removes dental plaque and freshens the breath

Teeth whitening powder can neutralize the saliva’s pH level by actively binding with the acidic components and bacteria in the mouth. This results in the effective removal of dental plaque and harmful bacteria, which provides a clean smile and fresh breath. Some teeth whitening products contain natural flavoring agents such as peppermint or lemon, which adds a flavor as well as a sweet smell to the mouth after use.

What are the drawbacks?

While teeth whitening powder may have many beneficial values, there are some drawbacks associated with this whitening product –

  • Teeth whitening powder may not be ideal for the removal of intrinsic or internal tooth stains.
  • Has the potential to cause enamel erosion. Enamel erosion is typically an irreversible loss of the tooth structure that may occur due to the abrasive nature of the teeth whitening powder. Moreover, it can also happen due to overuse of the teeth whitening powder.
  • People with thin enamel can experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food due to exposure of dentinal tubules.
  • Increased risk of gingival recession and gum irritation. Moreover, many products contain chemical agents that may lead to unnecessary inflammation of the gums.
  • Increased risk of developing dental caries due to enamel erosion
  • Settlement of powder particles between the gums can cause complications like gum inflammation and trauma to the surrounding periodontium.

How do teeth whitening powder work?

As mentioned earlier, most teeth whitening powder contain activated charcoal as an active ingredient to whiten the teeth and remove surface stains. Activated charcoal is usually made by heating charcoal using a gas that leads to large pores in the mineral. Often, activated charcoal is odorless and tasteless.

The working mechanism of the teeth whitening powder is as follows –

  • The oxidizing agent – activated charcoal is porous. These pores in the charcoal material bind with the organic stains on the tooth surface. (3)
  • They oxidize the organic molecules on the tooth surface and makes it easier to remove the staining substances from the tooth surface. Moreover, it also adsorbs the foul-smelling bacteria giving a fresh breath.
  • The abrasive natural ingredients help to remove the plaque and food debris. They also help to polish the tooth surface. Therefore, the result is a whiter and brighter smile along with a smooth enamel surface.

Is teeth whitening powder safe?

From a broader perspective, teeth whitening powder is safer than any other chemically prepared teeth whitening product. Teeth whitening powder, especially with activated charcoal, is usually safe to ingest. However, few disadvantages may be associated with the use of teeth whitening powder, such as tooth enamel damage.

Therefore, it is essential to be careful while using teeth whitening powder. Moreover, apply it gently on the teeth. Avoid aggressive scratching or rubbing on the tooth surface. It is best to avoid using teeth whitening powder when there are active cuts, bruises, or wounds in the mouth. Always consult your dentist before trying any teeth whitening product.

How to use teeth whitening powder?

Usually, tooth whitening powders are available in the form of a tablet, capsule, or fine granular particles.

  • The first step in using a whitening powder is to grind up 1-2 tablets in a container. This usually sums up to two teaspoons of teeth whitening powder.
  • Now add a small amount of water to form a paste-like consistency.
  • Apply the whitening paste directly on the surface of the teeth.
  • Gently dab the paste on the tooth surface. Avoid aggressive rubbing or scratching as it will damage the tooth enamel.
  • Leave the whitening paste on the tooth surface for two to three minutes. This helps the active ingredients to bind with surface stains. (4)
  • Finally, rinse your mouth several times with water. Brush your teeth with regular toothpaste.

How to select the best teeth whitening powder?

Typically, there are five prime factors that you must consider before purchasing a tooth whitening powder –

Manufacturing brand

It is essential always to buy a whitening product from a trusted source as it eliminates the risk of damage from accidental swallowing. Moreover, it may also minimize the risk of allergies. Additionally, trusted brands always provide a higher quality product.

Type of ingredients

Most teeth whitening products are made from natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, slowly burned Wood, peats, olive pits, and coconut shells. This is beneficial as it eliminates the risk of chemical reaction on the tooth surface.

Some tooth whitening powders may also add essential oils such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil, to provide a better taste.

Risk of tooth sensitivity

Usually, the abrasive nature of the tooth whitening powder and active charcoal may lead to enamel erosion. However, tooth sensitivity usually occurs when the tooth whitening powder is used aggressively and in excessive amounts.

Effective in whitening the tooth surface

Tooth whitening powder with activated charcoal has proven to be one of the perfect alternatives to other whitening products that provide a whiter smile. Moreover, this natural ingredient whitens the teeth without harsh chemical reactions.

Cost of the product

Always look for a product that can provide excellent results at minimum cost. Ask your dentist for suggestions to get a clear idea of which product to buy. Moreover, weigh your option on the quantity of the product that may be enough to give you the results.

What are the best teeth whitening powder in the market?

Some of the best teeth whitening powders that you can buy are –

Active wow teeth whitening powder

This product contains natural ingredients like –

  • coconut charcoal
  • bentonite
  • orange seed oil
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • coconut oil
  • mint flavor

This unique blend of ingredients effectively removes the dental plaque and surface stains from the teeth. Bentonite typically helps to remineralize the tooth enamel and reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavity formation. Additionally, the orange seed oil is a natural essential oil that also acts as a natural antiseptic. The minty flavor provides a fresh breath after use.

Like any teeth whitening powder, this product must be used with a damp toothbrush. Gently brush the teeth by dabbing the brush into the dust.

Some of the benefits of this product include –

  • very useful in delivering brighter teeth and fresher breath
  • Trusted and most popular charcoal-based teeth whitening powder
  • Does not cause tooth sensitivity

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Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder

This product consists of a raw and unfiltered ingredient – activated charcoal sourced from eastern America hardwood trees, used as the active ingredient.image

To use this product, you must follow the steps given below –

  • Dampen your toothbrush
  • Dip the toothbrush bristles into the whitening powder
  • Brush generally for a couple of minutes
  • Rinse your mouth with water

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White Coat Charcoal Tooth Powder

The White Coat teeth whitening powder effectively delivers a flavorful experience with instant results.image

It consists of natural ingredients such as –

  • Bentonite
  • Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal
  • Essential oils like Myrrh, Peppermint, Wintergreen Leaf Oil, and Clove Flower Oil
  • Stevia

Some of the benefits of this product include –

  • Stops halitosis immediately.
  • Provides instant results
  • Affordable
  • Has a good flavor

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Tuxedo Tooth and Gum Powder

This unique tooth whitening powder is a rich mixture of both natural and organic ingredients. However, the active ingredient remains the same – activated charcoal that helps to provide a whiter smile. The mint flavor helps to give a fresh breath after use.image

Some of the benefits of this product include –

  • Instant change in tooth color by two shades
  • Can be used on dental devices such as dentures for removing tooth stains
  • Fine powder particles work well for sensitive teeth.

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Pro teeth whitening co-activated powder

A yet another chemical-free and easy to use tooth whitening powder which has charcoal as its main ingredient. This unique activated charcoal natural teeth whitening powder has a very mild and gentle effect on the tooth surface as compared to any other type of charcoal teeth whitening powder.image

The activated charcoal particles in Pro-teeth whitening kit are finely grounded, which helps to polish the tooth surface while removing the stains and discolorations. This eliminates the possibility of abrasive scrubbing that usually occurs while using charcoal containing products.

Some other benefits of Pro teeth whitening co-activated powder include –

  • Its premium whitening formula is excellent for improving the health of the teeth and gums.
  • Does not cause gingival recession or inflammation
  • An efficient, efficient alternative to other charcoal containing products such as charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste, charcoal strips, whitening kits and gels
  • The unique dental blend high strength mineral grey Bentonite helps to absorb toxins and minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity.

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Take away message

Teeth whitening powder is one of the best whitening products that provide an instantly white smile. Moreover, it is usually made from natural ingredients that eliminate harmful chemical reactions on the tooth surface.

The active ingredient in most tooth whitening powders is activated charcoal. It is a porous and adsorbent molecule which helps to remove the surface stains. Additionally, it helps to remove the plaque and foul-smelling bacteria from the tooth surface, giving a fresh breath.

Although there are many benefits, tooth whitening powder may cause enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity. However, these symptoms can be managed by gently using the teeth whitening powder on the tooth surface. Avoid rubbing or scratching the tooth surface with the whitening powder. The best way to find the best tooth whitening powder is to talk to your dentist about the different options that may be suitable.


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