All about Terri Irwin Net Worth: Career as a Naturalist, Author, etc.


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It’s not quite possible to forget our dearest, or should we say the ‘Darest’ crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin who faced an unfortunate death by being pierced on his chest by a stingray. Terri Irwin, his beloved wife, has not considered another marriage, after the death of her husband, but has been working towards achieving the goals that were set by the couple together. The Australian naturalist and author and the owner of the Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, is worth $66 million today.

She made millions through her TV shows and documentaries and also from the Australia Zoo. She also enjoys royalties from her books and TV shows.

Early life

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Theresa Penelope Raines (53), born in Oregan developed an interest in wildlife at a very young age. Her father used to bring home injured animals from the highways, to treat them.

She also had a strong passion for horses. As a young girl, she loved to ride them and take care of them.

Love at First Sight

She met her love, Steve Irvin when she was on an Australian tour while visiting wildlife rehabilitation facilities. The pair fell in love and got engaged within four months. Eight months later, Steve and Terri were pronounced Husband and Wife. She is blessed with a daughter Bindi Sue Irwin and a son Robert Clarence Irwin, who are also naturalists and TV personalities.


As Naturalist

Initially, Terri joined her father in the family trucking business, but soon started a rehabilitation facility called Cougar Country, in the US, where she handled almost 300 predator animals each year to re-educate and release them back into the wild.

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Later in the year 1989, she wanted to enhance her knowledge in treating all kinds of animals because of which she joined as a veterinary technician in an emergency veterinary hospital.

As TV Personality

After her wedlock in 1992, Terri left her Cougar Country project to settle down in Australia with her husband, Steve. The couple shot their first documentary when they were on their honeymoon which later became the first episode The Crocodile Hunter which was well received all over the world.

With the success of the television documentary, it was followed by two spin-off series, Croc Files and The Crocodile Hunter Diaries.

She also appeared on various shows on Animal Planet. The Irwins later released a feature film in 2002 entitled The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

Although she has not appeared in any of the TV shows after the death of Steve in 2006, she continues to closely work with the wildlife striving to make their world a better place.

As an Author

Terri has authored various books like Steve and Me (My Steve),Crocs and Gators, Remembering Steve, The Crocodile Hunter: The Birthday present was Python and Other Adventures and The Crocodile Hunter.

Assets & Expenditure that make Terry Irwin Net worth

The owner of the Australia Zoo is worth a whopping $66 million. Terri holds property of $26 million, including a 1, 35,000-hectare Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, a $6 million property paid by the former federal government. Her Australia Zoo rakes in millions from donations and grants.

House Property

Terri and Steve bought a house property together for around $3.2 million. After the demise of her husband, she purchased another home adjacent to her house, spending about $1.3 million.

The Mourachan

According to the Australia Zoo Website, Steve Irwin established a conservation property on the Brigalow Belt, Queensland called The Mourachan which Terri adorably calls as the Paradise.

The property houses various numbers of endangered species of flora and fauna. In the year 2015, Terri increased the size of the reserve by over 33,000 acres by purchasing an adjoining property.

Unexpected Setback

In the year 2011, when there was a downturn in the tourism industry in Australia, the number of visitors to the Zoo was severely affected that forced Mrs Irwin to sell some of her properties for loss.

Philanthropy – Wildlife Warriors

In the year 2002, Terri, along with her husband set up an organisation, Wildlife Warriors originally named as Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation.

Terri is involved in this organization as a significant advisor. All the donations and grants received are not only used for the protection of wildlife but also to impart wildlife education to the public, to create awareness, to protect and enhance the natural environment, to protect the endangered species, to name a few.

She is also an active supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

With the growth of industrialisation and corporatisation, various species are at the risk of endangerment. The Irwins have been contributing magnanimously for creating harmony and balance in nature by protecting the wildlife and endangered species.

Terri’s love and passion for nature and also her fortitude to follow the footsteps of Steve are quite admirable.

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