What does TFW mean?

Quite similar to the acronym MFW, TFW talks about the person sitting in front of you. TFW is the abbreviated term for the phrase That Face When. It is usually used when you discover a very peculiar expression made by someone, and you can relate it to a particular situation. Every situation in life has a TFW!

It is not only famous on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. but it is a significant contributor to the meme page as well. TFW is like the brand face for awkward meetups, unexpected tests, and also uninvited guests!


Alternate meanings of TFW

  1. Thanks For Watching
  2. Thanks For Writing
  3. That Feeling When
  4. The Force Within
  5. Takimora Fantasy Works
  6. Tourism Federation of Wisconsin
  7. Task- Force Whisky
  8. Time For Wine
  9. The Forgotten Ways
  10. Training For Warriors


TFW is a very peculiar acronym since it is capable of virtually giving you of the feeling of disgust, surprise or even joy! This abbreviation isn’t all that negative, but mostly it portrays your facial expression whether good or bad at the moment.

The other phrase for this acronym is That Feel When. This expression is also quite similar to that of That Face When. Instead, this one is used when you are hit by a massive wave of nostalgia while talking to your friends.

The other time you can use this when you witness an action that you did last summer, and you miss how much you enjoyed. In this case, it is incredibly emotional. It is useful when you wish to reconnect with your long lost friends and acquaintances.

The acronym is written in both upper and lower cases and has no impact whatsoever. It varies from situation to situation.


Example 1:

Person 1: TFW my pizza is eaten by my dog.


Person 2: this happened to me too!!

Example 2:

Person 1: TFW when your crush auditions for the same play as you and plays the role of your sister.

Person 2: That is a pure brutal man.

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