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Mark William Calaway or The Undertaker’s net worth is $17 million. Out of which, his earnings from WWE, as estimated by Forbes in 2016 was $2 million. This makes him the 8th highest paid wrestler in WWE.

The Undertaker or Mark Calaway was born in Houston in 1965. Having started with a Sports Management Course in Texas Wesleyan University, he was inclined into sports and dropped out to start his wrestling career in 1984 with World Class Championship Wrestling and later Continental Wrestling Association before getting his breakthrough, thanks to Hulk Hogan.

The Undertaker has had a career like no other wrestler. Joining WWE (formerly WWF) in 1990, he has been a favourite for two generations now.

Of course, staying loyal to one company, one brand, for over two and a half decades has its perks. Therefore, The Undertaker’s net worth is no less than any other popular wrestler when it comes to property, bikes, and money. Having that, he has been involved in a lot of work for the community as well. Let us look into the earnings and assets of the Deadman.

Earnings adding to The Undertaker’s net worth


Everything The Undertaker has earned, the credit goes to WWE/WWF. As already mentioned, his earnings from WWE are at $2M, which is quite less as compared to Brock Lesnar’s $11M and John Cena’s $8M. But, it’s not only about the total salary. The merchandise sales and profits that John Cena brings to Vince MacMahon is much more compared to The Undertaker.

All Wrestlers receive their salary in two forms, like any other employee of an organisation – Fixed + Variable (Bonus).

The fixed salaries for these mainstream wrestlers is, of course, a six to seven figure number. However, the variable depends on many things such as merchandise sales, pay per view events, gate receipts, and live events. For the merchandise sales and video sales, a typical wrestler may get 5 to 25% of the revenue generated, although it is calculated based on Pro-rata. However, The Undertaker apparently gets 7% of the sales.

Since The Undertaker has been in the business for quite long, any figure you see on the internet is obviously untrustworthy. What anybody can comment is the expected earnings of a wrestler. He has been on almost 200 pay-per-view events out of which

However, with The Undertaker, there’s no doubt he earns a lot of money from WWE and $2 million is a fairly accepted number – a rough estimate maybe million or (and) a half from fixed, rest from the bonus.

In his long career, he has been an unbeaten Wrestlemania Champion for 23 matches! Only losing to Brock Lesnar in WM XXX.

His achievements in Wrestling include – four WWE Championships, World Heavyweight Championship thrice, Royal Rumble, Six Tag Team Championships, and one Unified World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE dedicated a video to the legacy of The Undertaker on 20 Jan, 2018 for the Raw 25 special as:


The Undertaker invested in real estate with his partner Scott Everhart. One of the properties he invested in is in Loveland, Colorado called Calahart. It costs nearly $3 million!

Apart from that, he has a house in Austin which has a WWE Wrestling Ring too!

He rented a Cedar Creek Ranch to Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie for the movie Tree of Life.

Cars & Bikes

As we all know from his various WWE entrances, he’s a big fan of bikes. He’s got them all customised to his choice – V-twin, long necks, split seat, etc. into his Harley Davidson & Western Club Choppers.

He also possesses a 1978 Merc, another SUV from Mercedes Benz and a Mustang too!

This surely adds up to a lot of other million dollars in the bucket of The Undertaker’s net worth.


Mark Calaway has also appeared in many endorsements such as:

  • Domino’s Commercial
  • SPUR Ride & Rally Commercial
  • No Drugs campaign – “There’s no hope with dope.”
  • ESPN Commercials

Apart from the other brands, he has featured on the posters of many WWE events too.

Social Work

He founded “The Zeus Compton Save the Animals Fund” with his ex-wife Sara at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. The organisation helps fund dog-owners of large-breed dogs who can’t afford to pay for the treatment.

This is in memory of their dog Zeus, a mastiff, who developed a rare disease and died in 2004.


The Undertaker’s net worth of $17M is a long earned one. His earnings from WWE are quite a lot as compared to the other wrestlers, provided that he appears on only a handful of events rather than his counterparts who are active every week.

But, why not, no other wrestler has been in WWE as long as him. Naturally, nobody has played so many matches against anybody as compared to The Undertaker. Therefore, Mark Calaway, The Deadman, The Punisher, now enjoys a luxurious life with limited work, owing to his 33 years long career!

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