How much is Todd Chrisley Net Worth after facing the bankruptcy?


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Michael Todd Chrisley, who is widely known for his reality TV show, “Chrisley Knows the Best”, and who faced a major loss in his real estate business is worth in negative $5 million today. Todd Chrisley is currently facing a $45 million bankruptcy case.

Early Life

Todd Chrisley was born in Georgia and raised in the South Carolina. He, however, moved to Atlanta, Georgia after his marriage with the famous TV celebrity Julie Chrisley. The couple has three children.

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Chrisley was first married to Teresa Terry in 1996 which ended after Teresa filed a case against Chrisley for physical and mental abuse. The couple has two children.

Todd Chrisley is a self-made millionaire with no college education.


Real Estate

Chrisley began his career as a real estate investor. He founded his real estate company Chrisley Asset Management in 2004. Initially, his business took up with numerous successful ventures.

He had a contract with “Fannie Mae”, that enabled him to purchase and remake distressed homes and sell them for profit. In 2012 however, the business didn’t bloom as expected and he failed to pay Fannie Mae, which led him to file for bankruptcy.

TV shows

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Todd Chrisley started his reality Television Show “Chrisley Knows The best” in 2014. The show documents his luxurious life. Surprisingly, his first episode crossed over a million views, and he was immediately signed for the second season by USA network.

Currently, he is working on the sixth episode.

Chrisley has also starred in the movie Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens which was released in 2016 and the TV series According to Chrisley.

He has guest appeared on other TV shows like Steve Harvey, Daily Pop, Steve, Extra, Hollywood Medium, Big Star Little Star, Home and Family, E! Live From the Red Carpet, Hollywood Today Live, Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show, The Domenick Nati show, Celebrity Family Feud, FabLife, The Talk, The Real, Today and The View.

He presented the 52nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in 2017.


In 2012, Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy where he claimed to be $49 million debt. In the bankruptcy petition, he also claimed to have just $100 in cash, $4.2 million in assets.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth

The net worth of the bankrupt millionaire is currently negative $5 million. Although his real estate business crashed in 2012, he continues to produce his reality show Chrisley Knows the Best.

House Properties

Despite the bankruptcy, Chrisley and his family continues to live a lavish lifestyle. He owns a luxurious 30,000 sq. ft. mansion. He also spends over $300k for his clothing annually.

The $2.4 million worth house includes a gourmet indoor kitchen along with an outdoor one, a living room spanning an entire floor, nine fireplaces, a wine cellar, grotto, a theatre, a spa bathroom, an elevator and saltwater pool. This property is however currently mortgaged.

His owns an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia which has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1,750 sq. ft. Condo.


Chrisley has a charity group called Todd Chrisley Charity Group. The group was involved in promoting various charity events. However, the group has not been active post the bankruptcy declaration.


Todd Chrisley always wanted to be rich and a famous personality. He grew up in a well-to-do family and developed an interest in real estate. With success in his business, he even started to produce his reality show “Chrisley knows the Best” which shockingly was received by millions of viewers than expected.

In the show, Chrisley comes out as a strict father and someone who considers money as the most crucial factor in a family. He is known to focus on the luxurious lifestyle.

Though Chrisley claims that he has settled all his debts, there are rumours that he still owes money. Something to be noticed is, he continues to portray himself to lead a luxury lifestyle despite the bankruptcy. He has rubbished all the rumours with regards to his financial crisis.

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