Tom Brady Net Worth

As of 2018, Tom Brady’s net worth stands at a massive $180 million, thanks to his amazing football career and sponsorship deals with Under Armour and Ugg. The New England Patriot quarterback bags the 15th position on the list of the “World’s highest-paid athletes”. Brady earned a total of $44 million from football career and other brand endorsements in 2016 alone.

His Early Life

Brady was born on August 3, 1977, in California. He was an all-rounder in sports and also played basketball and baseball. His career kicked off in 2000 when he was scouted by the New England Patriots after he showed immense skills at his games in Michigan University. He played for the Patriots for 17 seasons out of which they have won 7 super bowls.

The 40-year-old star recently signed another two-year contract with the Patriots. While his signing bonus is an amount of $28 million, his base salary fell to $1 million from the previous $9 million.

Total Assets that add to Tom Brady Net Worth of $180M

Football Career

  • Brady started his career in 2000 earning $231,000 per season which grew to $4 million in 2014.
  • Brady has an average of 28 touchdowns and the quarterback earned around $15 million per season.
  • He earns $835,000 per start and $1.7 million for every win.
  • As of latest stats, he is said to earn at least $26 million per season.

Property and vehicles

Brady is not a big lover of cars but loves property shopping and has a history of buying and selling of various homes trying to look for the perfect one.

  • He owns a Rolls Royce and an Ashton Martin DB11 from his contract with the luxury car company.
  • His first house was in Boston. A 3,412 square feet, three bedrooms, three bathrooms costing $4.125 million which he later sold for $5.2 million in 2008.
  • In 2009, Brady and his wife Gisele purchased a penthouse in Back Bay for $10.9 million and sold it for $10.5M after just two years.
  • The couple then moved to a 22,000 square feet home, and when we finally thought they would settle down, they sold the house to Dr Dre in 2014 for a whopping $40 million
  • As of recently, the couple is said to be looking at an apartment in 70 Vestry. The residents will be provided with facilities such as Spa, an 82-foot long pool, a playroom for children, a gym, a library and many more. If finalised the deal will be one of Brad’s biggest.

Endorsements and Investments

  • Brady earns an approximate of $7 to $8 million each year from his endorsements with many companies like Glaceau Smart water and most famous Ugg Boots.
  • In 2017, he signed a deal with car manufacturer ‘Ashton Martin’.
  • He owns a website called for clothing, price ranging from $200.
  • He also owns a therapy sports centre outside Gillette Stadium.
  • The football star also took to writing in 2017 when he launched a book called ‘the TB12 method: How to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance’, which costs about $16 on Amazon.

Social Work

Brady runs a charity called ‘Brady’s Foundation’ whose primary purpose is to end the isolation of people with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD).

  • The charity started with a donation of $490k in 2005 and has raised more than $46 million with the help of another NGO called Best Buddies since.
  • Brady is said to have donated lesser than he received from Best Buddies Foundation, some even claiming him to be using it for his benefits.


Brady is one of the players who will never be forgotten for generations to come being one of the only two people to win five super bowls. His love and passion for the game is what keeps him going, and we sure do love watching this man play!

As far as his earnings are concerned, we are sure that Tom Brady’s net worth of $180M will only increase with time till he’s going strong in his career!

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