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Tomi Lahren, the American political commentator who rose to from her show in The Blaze and who is currently working for Fox Channel, is worth $3 million.

Early Life

Tomi Lahren was born in Rapid City, South Dakota. Lahren is of German and Norwegia descent. She attended Central High School. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2014, with a B.A. in broadcast journalism and political science.

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She later moved to San Diego, California when she was offered a job in OANN. While at college, Lahren hosted and associate produced the university’s political roundtable show “The Scramble”.



Lahren applied to One America News Network (OANN) for internship and obtained an interview. However, instead of being offered the internship, she was offered the opportunity to host her show.

Her show “On Point with Tomi Lahren” debuted in August 2014. The video of her commentary concerning the 2015 Chattanooga shootings is one of her famous videos which immediately gained widespread attention and attracted many views.

The Blaze- Induction and Termination

On 19 August 2015, Lahren announced that she had completed her last show with OANN. She later moved to Texas and joined The Blaze to begin her show.

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On March 2017, Lahren guest appeared on the TV Show “The View”, in which she stated that women should have access to abortion. She also accused those who held pro-life positions of being hypocrites. The owner of The Blaze, Glenn Bleck is pro-life and immediately suspended her with pay.

He even openly criticised Lahren for her comments. Lahren had once dedicated her “final thoughts” to Beyonce, after Beyonce’s widely acclaimed Super Bowl halftime performance, where she extendedly criticised everything from Beyonce’s performance to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In August 2016, when the NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick protested racism by kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, she criticised the act and called him “a whiny, attention seeking crybaby”.


In May 2017, Lahren began to work in a communications role at Great America Alliance, which is chaired by Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani. However, she considered this job as a sidekick and announced that she would be returning to television as a commentator. Currently, she is working with Fox News as a contributor.

TV shows

Lauren appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” for a 26-minute interview segment.

She has also appeared on several other TV shows including Fox and Friends, The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, Watters’ World, Hannity, The Fox News Specialists, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Real Time with Bill Maher, The O’Reilly Factor, Tomi, The Daily Show, Happening now, Reliable Sources and Louder with Crowder.

Lahren hosted the 1st Annual Snowflake Awards in 2017.


Lahren endorsed Marco Rubio during the 2016 elections for president in the Republican Party presidential primary. Lahren is a constitutional conservative. She unofficially campaigned for Donald Trump to the social media team.


Tomi Lahren is one the few TV hosts who have faced too many controversies within the short period of her career. Most of her commentaries have frequently been described as racist, a label which she disputes. Media outlets describe her as a “white power Barbie”. She has been compared to Donald Trump and been called as anti-feminist who admires strong women.

In 2016, when Lauren wrote a tweet comparing Black Lives Movement to the Ku Klux Klan, tens and thousands of people were enraged, and they signed a petition for her removal, which was ignored by The Blaze.

Tomi Lahren Net worth

The television host is worth $3 million as of March 2018. She earned a monthly salary of $16,000 when was working with The Blaze.

Lahren owns a house in Rapid City, Soth Dakota and Dallas, Texas.

She drives around in her Cadillac ATS.


Tomi Lahren is popular for the last three-minute segment of her show, “final thoughts”, in which she sputters. The 25-year-old, who has made a name for herself, even interned for Republican Congresswoman Kristi Noem before she got into political commentary. Many of her videos have gone viral and The New York Times even called her “The Rising Star”. Lahren has just begun her journey and is already a sensation and surely has a long way to reach.

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