Top Blockchain Platforms Of 2022 For Blockchain Application

However, here are some of the leading open source Blockchain platforms. A consensus mechanism known as Proof of Elapsed Time and Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance is the basis for this framework. Once the information is stored on the blockchain, it becomes completely impossible to misuse the information by editing it. Identity information that remains in the form of electronic data is referred to as digital identity. Neo maintains a set of X.509 compatible digital identity standards to support the web of trust point-to-point certificate issuance model. Ethereum has also built a large online support community to keep everyone up-to-date with product enhancements and updates.

Credits is an open-source, fully decentralized blockchain software protocol. It introduces a unique new consensus algorithm — PoA based on BFT conception. Best suited for use cases involving microtransactions, mass financial payments and tokens issuing. Forrester predicts that 30% of projects will make it into production globally in 2022. The number reflects the increasing maturity of blockchain technology and the demand for more robust blockchain platforms.

list of blockchain platforms

Decentraland is behind the online gaming platform, which was announced in 2017 and has a large number of unique projects to show. Users can buy, sell, trade and use virtual land in the form of crypto tokens, and then decorate and present the land as they see fit. People have used it in online stores, art galleries, and virtual hangouts.

Klaytn, a blockchain developed by Kakao, was built with modular network architecture, making it an interesting business blockchain option. Its modular network architecture makes it easy for enterprises to create and run service-oriented blockchains based on the Klaytn architecture. Service Chains are autonomously run sub-networks that form the backbone of Klaytn’s enterprise-friendly environment. Because of the flexibility and customizability of these Service Chains, any online service may be built on Klaytn.


However, initiatives based on gambling or financial speculation are not permitted. We have prepared a list of top blockchain platforms to explore in 2022 with our hands-on experience on these platforms. Our blockchain development team has worked on all of the below platforms.

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Combine the power of public blockchains and the ability to use it privately (eg compliance built-in, zk rollup). Stellar also has a great ecosystem and is adding very interesting features like Liquidity Pools and AMMs. Hence, it is the correct time for you all to choose the best blockchain platform that suits your business and organizations.

The way it works is by allowing anyone to view the data, but only those who have permission can edit or change the data. One of the most popular applications for blockchain technology has been cryptocurrency, which also utilizes this decentralized network idea. Mythical Games is another huge blockchain gaming platform based in Seattle, Washington and It is the platform in charge of the Blankos Block Party game released in 2020. In contrast to many other projects, they have neither released pre-sale tokens nor released a proof of concept or an alpha version of the game. This community-based development method is very common in small independent projects in the field of crypto games – but Mythical Games has taken a different route. Among all types of blockchain platforms supporting NFTs, Ethereum is the most popular choice among NFT traders due to its amazing capacity of offering speed and smoothness.

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Smart contracts in the Hedera Hashgraph platform can be made dynamic just like any other software component. Since it offers an optional mechanism which allows “binding arbitration”, the smart contracts deployed with a list of the public key of arbitrators can be edited to fix bugs or add new features. As the number of transactions and participants increases, a blockchain network should be able to scale to adapt to the growth.

Multichain is one of the most developer-friendly blockchains on the market. A developer gets multiple tools to customize the blockchain platform for different purposes depending on the requirements of your business. Creating a new blockchain is easy, but maintaining its efficiency can be challenging. Security is a significant concern when running a technology online—using the Multi Chains signature and external private keys to make the crime scene safe and secure. Due to its ability to give local people power and empower them to make significant decisions on their own, blockchain technology is attracting users worldwide.

A Comprehensive List Of Major Blockchains

The system allows for plug-and-play integration of its components, including membership services and consensus. Designed modularly and versatilely, this system is applicable to a wide variety of industrial applications. In essence, the blockchain framework lets businesses take advantage of the existing software, infrastructure, and services needed to build a blockchain application. In case you are obsessed with the amazing capabilities of blockchain technology and wish to make it your mantra for success. In order to do this, you first need to select the right blockchain development platform. Using blockchain, assets digitization can be trustful, transparent, traceable, free of intermediaries and decentralized.

  • It also adds various privacy enhancements to Ethereum to improve support for regulations such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California.
  • The Tron platform can handle 2000 transactions per second, which put it on par as compared to major payment processors like Paypal.
  • Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform known for running smart contracts on the custom-built blockchain network.
  • This feature ensures the technology will remain the same for years to come.
  • It allows developers to create a game with a digital asset, which can be bought or sold on various exchanges.
  • Both the creator and the consumer can participate without getting any permission from a big centralized authority.
  • One of the many examples that might become a normal blockchain trend is the reduced dependency of blockchain platforms on huge power resources.

It enables cross-border payments between any two currencies in a matter of seconds. On the other hand,, or perhaps the Stellar Development Foundation, is just a non-profit organization dedicated to financial inclusion, tool advancement, and social projects in the Stellar system. It also provides the benefits of creation, trading, and sending digital representations of all forms of money, like, dollars, bitcoin, pesos, and much more. The public owns this blockchain platform because a transaction’s basic charge on the Stellar platform is a small fee connected with every transaction execution. Polkadot is the most ambitious blockchain project existing out there.

It is Hyperledger’s second open-source blockchain platform to integrate with an enterprise-ready 1.0 version. The launch of 1.0 software solutions is essential for every developer as it indicates that the maintainers are still dedicated to the core features. So, it gives blockchain companies a sense of confidence that whatever they build, won’t break because of future upgrades. Blockchain platforms allow the development of blockchain-based applications.

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It has been adopted by several companies for international trade and exchanging money across borders. The platform supports a dynamically upgradable protocol and modular software clients that enable it to adapt to new uses. The Tezos community has been upgrading the platform at a rapid clip, with recent enhancements that have improved performance and increased the size limit on smart contracts.

list of blockchain platforms

Using blockchain technology, enterprises empower and reach new heights and make transactions more secure and fast, decreasing the transaction charges. Here are the top ten blockchain platforms that are shaping the future. These best blockchain platforms in 2022 are changing the world of the financial world.

In some cases, the organization can make certain data public, while others remain confidential and can only be accessed by authorized users. Blockchain platforms or blockchain frameworks serve as the building blocks for developing blockchain-based applications. Designed to develop scalable decentralized applications, the base asset of the NEO blockchain is NEO token. The role of NEO token is to generate GAS tokens which can be used to pay transaction fees to run applications on the network.

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What Is Blockchain & What Its Used For?

“We are seeing multiple enterprises adopt blockchain platforms for some of their application needs,” said Suseel Menon, senior analyst at Everest Group, an IT advisory firm. IT also includes features of a chain-based Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus algorithm. Moreover, it provides a small set of commands that help in the management of the most common form of digital assets and digital identity. Tron is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to develop a decentralized web. Like Ethereum, Tron allows dApp developers to create and leverage complete protocols via smart contracts on the blockchain. Corda is an open-source blockchain platform that allows businesses to transact directly and in strict privacy with smart contracts.

Tezos is also expected to reduce the gas cost by 75% after the Delphi Upgrade. The supervision of this software happens with the support of permission. Further, this will help to directly develop a group of a permission-ed chain for the individuals.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Blockchain Platforms?

The community also provides various tools for customizing blockchain implementations for various decentralized use cases in SCM, healthcare and DeFi. Hyperledger Iroha is also one of the best blockchain platforms to build a modularized distributed ledger system. Monero blockchain platform works as a privacy token and that’s why it is the most preferred blockchain platform in the cryptocurrency markets and it is much like Bitcoin. It’s the best blockchain platform with a greater level of transactional privacy. Monero works on three different privacy measures to maintain the anonymity of users. It secures your digital cash transactions operated in the network of users.

Mobile apps are something that excites him the most, and now he is up to give this vertical the best shot. He routinely catches up with the new apps and comes up with the top apps that can excite you to the core. This software helps the companies to design, implement Blockchain Platforms as well as operate Distributed ledgers instantly. This extension is the most compatible software to the Ethereum Protocol, and it has an instant finality to the process it initiates. This extension is easy to deploy because of its open source and commercial support.


All participants receive a unique alphanumeric identification number that indicates their transactions. To make a change to a block earlier in the chain, you must re-mine not just the change block but all blocks that follow it. The difficulty of manipulating blockchain technology is due to this. In a sense, it’s like “safety in math,” since finding golden nonces requires enormous computational power and time. Public ledgers usually contain all the information about a transaction.

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