touche meaning

This word here is not an acronym, but it can be considered a part of it due to its widespread usage and pure savageness. Touche is a response just like LMK or MMK, but there is a slight twist to it. When a person is countered with a brutally brilliant comeback, you use Touche as a way of showing respect to their statement and that you are now officially left with no more valid points.

It is seen a lot in textual conversations, so WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat have seen its optimal usage. But it is also quite popularly used during face to face conversations.

How the word came into existence

Touche came to be known way after it was derived. It is said to have been discovered around the 1920s or maybe before in the French vocabulary. The slang means touched. It is the past participle of the word Touched that means To Touch.

Ever since, the vocabulary had its new addition where the literal meaning of being touched, got twisted. And today it means you have acknowledged the fact that you have been hit (touched) with an intelligent remark. Fencing inspires this idea.

Fencing is a sport where you fight with swords, but in this case, you are fighting with your words and words are like swords. Once you say them, you cannot unsay them, and once they hit you, they can give serious injuries.


To be able to say Touche to someone means you found somebody worthy to match your level of intelligence and sassiness. The word is used when you have experienced a person’s wit sarcastically and brutally. There are a lot of scenarios where this word can be witnessed.

One of which is when you are fighting with somebody, and they make an accurate and valid point. In that case, you don’t have anything to counter other point or even make a better one. That is a Touche situation.

Another situation is when that person makes a comeback when you least expect. Not only that, it becomes super heartbreaking and you have nothing to say. That becomes a Touche situation. It is also called a Burn situation.

It is also used when you are fencing against an opponent, and you concede to their point.


Example 1:

Person 1: I wish you clean dishes instead of sitting with your phone all day.

Person 2: I wish you can stop flirting on Tinder and get a job.

Person 1: Touche

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