What is the net worth of the ‘South Park’ creator, Trey Parker?


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He is an actor, director, musician, producer and the creator of animated series ‘South Park’ along with his best friend, Matt Stone. Trey Parker is a talent with infinite bounds and a net worth of $350 million.

Early Life

Randolph Severn Parker III AKA Trey Parker was born on 19 October 1969 in Colorado. His interest in music and film was something that was with his from when he was a child.

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He completed his College at the University of Colorado where he also became friends with Matt Stone, and since then, the two have created history together. He married Japanese born Emma Sugiyama in 2006 and then Boogie Tillmon. The couple has a daughter who was born in 2013.

Earnings included in Trey Parker net worth

His career his Hollywood

  • His debut was in the movie called ‘Giant Beaver of Southern Sri Lanka’ in 1989
  • Trey did the writing and producing of the movie ‘Jesus VS Frosty’ and even acted in it in 1992
  • He has directed and acted in Basketball and Orgazmo

Writing and animating career

  • Trey has written the musical ‘Cannibal.’
  • He also made a short movie called ‘Jesus VS Santa’ from where he derived the idea of creating the series ‘South Park’ with his friend Matt Stone. ‘Jesus and Santa’ was aired in 1997 for 13 episodes
  • His show ‘South Park’ was aired for the first time in 1997 and saw huge success with him earning tons of money before the release of the series. The show has had 22 seasons successful so far with much more to come
  • In 1997, the team earned a total of $30 million from the sale of merchandise like T-shirts
  • In 1998, again through the sale of merchandise alone, the team cashed in $150 million
  • Trey released the movie ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut’ in 1999 and the film saw an income of over $83 million.
  • In 2007, Trey signed a deal with Comedy Central handing over every right of South Park relating to every income except television for $75 million
  • Trey has also written and composed most of the music played on ‘South Park’ himself

Other TV series made by Trey and Matt were:

  • Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics
  • Chef Aid
  • The series ‘That’s my Bush’ brought in a revenue of $1 million per episode for Trey


  • In 2013, Trey Parker bought a mansion in Los Angeles for an amount of $13.89 million. The 10,000 square feet home consists of 7 bedrooms, pool, sound system, solar heating panels and fireplace

Vehicle Collection

  • Trey Parker is said to own a Lamborghini

Endorsements and Ventures

  • Trey Parker did a voice over for the villain in the animated movie ‘Despicable Me 3.’
  • Trey along with his friend also owns their very own production company by the name ‘Important Studios’ which has produced many series like ‘Team America: World Police’
  • Their company ‘Avenging Conscience’ produced Jesus VS Frosty
  • They sold their movie ‘Alfred Packer: The Musical’ to Troma Entertainment for $1 million


The musical script ‘The Book of Mormon’ makes around $19 million a month and has so far grossed around $200 million

  • Walking on air with the help of AD Williams and Dr
  • He along with Matt Stone and Robert Lopez published ‘The Book of Mormon Script’ in 2011
  • Trey has a written a series of South park scripts and books

Social Work

  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone collaborated with charity ‘Next for Autism’ for a contest where the people donating to the charity would get a chance to be in the lucky draw to be drawn as a character into ‘South Park’ series
  • Try is also a part of the animal-related charity known as ‘Kitten Rescue’
  • He is also a member of the charity ‘Declare yourself.’

Trey is a strong supporter of causes like animal protections and voting education.


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Trey Parker is a creative animator and whose humour is so good that his audience enjoys it. As a result, his series South Park will be going in for its 23rd season in 2019. He is an ace in all the fields that he has worked in; be it acting, directing, making music or animating. South Park is a hit comedy series, and we hope we get to see more.

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