Tyrese Gibson Net Worth: Earnings from Fast & Furious, Albums, etc.

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Most famously known for his role in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise, Tyrese Gibson is an actor, author, producer, singer, songwriter and model with a net worth of $25 million and is said to ear around $4 million each year. The actor has a huge fan following with 3.4M followers on Twitter and 9M on Instagram.

Early Life

Tyrese was born in Watts, California on December 30th, 1978. He graduated from Locke High School in LA in 1966. Music was a passion for Gibson, and he began singing at a very young and even competing in talent shows. His career from 1994 in a commercial has certainly hiked to what he is now. He has been married twice, lately in 2017 and has a daughter named Shayla.


Following a feud with her ex-wife Norma Mitchell, he posted a video of him crying for her wife to not take the custody of their daughter Shayla. Well, the Twitterati did not leave an opportunity in creating a meme out of it too!

Earnings comprising Tyrese Gibson Net Worth


Tyrese first hit was in a Coca-Cola commercial in 1994 where he sang the ‘Always Coca-cola’ tune pushing his first start in music at just 16 years of age.

  • After the commercial Tyrese was signed by RCA Records, who released his first debut album called ‘Tyrese’ in September 1998
  • The album sold more than 1M copies and reached #6 on billboards, receiving a platinum certification and had his famous hits such as ‘Nobody Else’, ‘Sweet Lady’ and ‘Lately.’
  • In 2001, he released his second album titled ‘2000 Watts’ which featured big names like Snoop Dogg and Sole which sold more than 500,000 copies and was certified gold
  • Later he signed with J Records and released the album ‘I wanna go there.’
  • His latest album is ‘Black Rose’ which made its debut in 2015 and hit #1 on Billboard top 200
  • He has also made music with Chris Brown, R Kelly and Beyonce


The actor has appeared in many films over the years and has seen many successful roles. A considerable portion of his net worth comes from his movies. Let us have a look:

  • Tyrese’s first significant part was in ‘Baby Boy’ that was released in 2001
  • His biggest role was in the ‘Fast and furious’ franchise which is estimated to have a worth of $1 billion
  • The actor also played the role of Sergeant Roberts in the ‘Transformers’ franchise which made over $4 billion worldwide
  • He has also played roles in the movie Death race, Four brothers and Waist Deep

TV shows

  • His TV debut was in an episode of the series titled ‘Hangin’ with Mr Cooper’ in 1996
  • He has a reappearing role of a pastor ‘Bobby Harris’ on the sitcom Star since 2016
  • He was the judge on Miss Universe Pageant in 2002
  • Other TV shows that he has appeared in are Martin, The parent ‘hood, Moesha, American Dad and Soup

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Vehicle collection

Tyrese also has a collection of cars with the net worth of $1 million. He has got to love cars after Fast and Furious, don’t you think?

  • He owns a Maserati worth $150,465
  • Jeep Wrangler worth $37,845
  • He recently bought an Aston Martin for $360,000.
  • He also owns a Range Rover and Alfa Romeo.

Modelling career

Tyrese’s coca cola commercial saw him gain opportunities in the modelling world as well.

  • He landed modelling contracts with Guess and Tommy Hilfiger
  • He also appeared on the cover of Playgirl magazine in 2003.

Endorsements and ventures

  • HQ pictures, a TV and film production company is created and owned by him
  • He owns many restaurants, one of them being ‘Fat Gibson burger.’
  • A football team called ‘The Los Angeles Angels’
  • A brand of perfume ‘With Love from Tyrese’
  • The actor also owns his brand of Vodka called ‘Pure Wondergibson.’
  • He has invested in a fashion line called ‘Tyrese Gibson Seduction.’
  • He has ventured into stock investment and also has deals with CoverGirl cosmetics


  • Tyrese Gibson bought a 5,586 square feet home in LA for $1.75 million. The house consists of 5 bedrooms, a private pool, a basketball court and space to fit ten cars. Recently, the star has even built a restaurant in his backyard so that he and his friends can have private dinners without the paparazzi.


Tyrese put pen to paper and started authoring books in 2012. His books gained popularity and brought in a lot of recognition and money for the actor.

  • His first book ‘How to get out of your own way’ published in 2012 became the New York Times bestseller
  • In 2013, he published another book titled ‘Manology: Secrets of your man’s mind revealed’ with his friend also became a best seller.

Social Work

  • He has founded an organisation called ‘the 2000 watts foundation’ which mainly aims at providing profitable opportunities to the youth and better the conditions of his hometown.
  • He has also donated a lot of money towards UNICEF, NAACP etc
  • Tyrese raised around $300,000 to help young boys and girls
  • He supports disaster relief, education and poor people.
  • He has a good reputation for giving back to society.


The star seems to have a bright future ahead of him considering all the vast franchises he is linked with. Hopefully, we will see him in many more hits that will leave a lasting effect, at least on Tyrese Gibson’s net worth.

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