How to use Bcc in Gmail?

Using Bcc or Blind Carbon Copy is an easy way to protect the privacy of recipients by not allowing any recipient to look at the private information (email addresses) of other recipients in the mail.

This feature can be used for both personal and professional purposes. However, the object would remain the same, i.e. protect the email address of a recipient from others.

Let’s say you want to send a common message to 60 clients of your company. You wouldn’t want to disclose one client’s information to 59 others!

Now, to avoid that, you can put the email addresses in the Bcc field, the To and Cc fields will be visible to everybody whereas the Bcc reports will be sent to all the recipients separately through the server.

Using this feature in Gmail is quite easy:

  • Log in to your Gmail Account
  • Click on Compose
  • You will find a window with To, Subject, and Body. Click on Bcc, provided on the right of ‘To’ bar
    Or Use Command+Shift+B on a Mac or Ctrl+Shift+B on Windows laptops to enable the same using a keyboard
  • Put the email addresses of the recipients in Bcc field

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