utorrent review

uTorrent or µTorrent is one of the most loved torrent clients around the world. It has a total of 100 million users across the world, except China. “µ” letter stands for SI prefix “micro”. The name perfectly suits it since this application is lightweight and utilise lowest possible computer resource. BitTorrent Inc. own this software. So in a way, you can trust it for future updates and bug fixes.

It is Ad-supported fermium torrent client application. Although, its free version may be enough to suffice your needs. Be aware while you install this software on your PC since the installation file comes with some bundled third-party applications and you may not wish to load them at all. Simply, uncheck them all.

Our verdict

 Lightweight and fast

Added features in paid version

Regular updates and bug fixes

 Too many Ads

No integrated torrent search option

Application size and resource usage

Initially, the most significant problem with BitTorrent client was memory bloat, and that was the reason several lightweight applications came up. uTorrent does not hog on your computer resource, and even the installation size occupies less than or equal to 2 MB. Also, the PC resource utilisation is around 5MB-6MB.

User experience

The interface is neat and clean but does showcase a lot of ads in the free version. It does not have integrated search function either.

With its paid version, you can stream instantly without waiting for the whole file to get downloaded. It is worth a mention that uTorrent automatically adjusts bandwidth usage, based on your internet and network speed. This ensures faster delivery of file.


You get features such as prioritise seeding and leeching of files, IP filtering, IPv6 support, torrent creation tool, encryption, remote web access, RSS Downloader, Full proxy server support, etc. It is also available in 67 different languages.

You can also manage bandwidth by altering speed limits. The internet speed limits could be customised for specific days and times. For instance, you can do settings such that uTorrent application utilises maximum internet speed when you are not at home and working outside. The same could be done while you are asleep during the night.

Its paid version, uTorrent Pro, does not have Ads and you get additional features such as malware & virus scan and battery saving preference in the case of mobile application. The paid subscription will cost you $19.95 yearly.

uTorrent is available on all platforms which include Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android platform.

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