Quiz – What is Valentine’s Day? Find Myth and History

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love all around the world. But how did it come about? When was it first celebrated?

What is its present-day status? How do people around the world see Valentine’s Day today?


There is so much to know. Test your knowledge and find out more by taking the quiz.


1. Which roots has Valentine’s Day been adopted from?


Valentine’s Day was born from both Roman and Christian roots, while the Roman celebrated this day as ‘Lupercalia’, the same was celebrated by the Christians as St. Valentine’s Day.

2. Why the day is called Valentine’s Day?


St Valentine was a Saint during the time of Claudius II. After Claudius II banned his soldiers from marrying, St Valentine married people in secret and was sentenced to death. And this day was set aside by Pope Gelasius to honour him.

3. Who was the person to create the first Valentine’s Chocolate box?


John Cadbury began his first business of tea and coffee in 1822 and soon after jumped into the chocolate business. His son Richard Cadbury in 1861, expanded sales by introducing the world’s very first heart-shaped chocolate box.


4. Why are doves and lovebirds a common symbol of Valentine’s Day?


Yes! It’s all of the above

5. What are famous symbols associated with Valentine’s Day?


Cupid is the son of Venus; myth says that anyone who is hit by the cupid’s arrow instantly falls in love. A myth associated with roses is that it is the jumbled up word meaning Eros the God of Love.

6. Where has Valentine’s Day celebration in public been banned?


As of 2017, the Islamabad court has banned the celebration of Valentine’s Day in public places throughout the country


7. How many cards are sent and received throughout the world on Valentine’s Day?


Just on Valentine’s Day alone, the greeting card industry sees high demand and sale of almost a whopping 1 billion cards.

8. When was the first Valentine Love letter believed to be written?


The British Museum has a letter which was written by a prisoner named Charles d’Orleans and is believed to be the oldest Valentine letter written.

9. How do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Yes! All of the above options are famous ways this day is celebrated throughout the world by all people irrespective of caste, color, and status.


10. Why is the ‘Red’ color associated with Valentine’s Day?


You heard that right! The color red is a color that represents deep passion and love! It’s known to make one’s heart beat faster and blood pressure high! (Sounds like how you feel when you’re in love right?)

What is Valentine’s Day? Find Myth and History

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