Veoh Free movie website

Veoh is an internet video streaming service featuring TV shows and free movies online. The service is different as it organizes its video content according to the duration of play.

In this article, I will provide you in-depth Veoh review, and you will learn about genres of movies, video quality, buffering experience, and more.

Categories of movies & TV shows

Veoh claims to host millions of videos, movies, music, and channels. Only movie category has 11 subcategories like Action, Comedy, Horror, Action & Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Cartoon, Crime & Mystery, Romance, Documentary & Biography and Music & Musicals altogether.

You can further filter out films according to language, length, recently added, popularity, alphabet, and subtitle. However, duration of most of the videos, around 99%, are below 60 minutes. On the top, only 290 videos are in the English language. This was a big letdown to me.

I have not seen any other site or service featuring such as vast collection of multi-language videos. You have popular language options like French, German, Urdu, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic, etc.

But the overall compilation did not impress me at all. Similar services such as Crackle, Yidio, TubiTV, Viewster, YouTube, Free Movie Cinema, etc. have a better collection of streaming videos.

Video quality on Veoh

The quality of videos on Veoh is ordinary. Most of the movies have less than or equal to DVD resolution. You will find HQ option on most of the films but even after enabling this option does not get you anything close to HD resolution.

Video player options

Do not expect anything fancy on Veoh’s video player. You get simple options such as a full-screen button, volume up/down, video scrubber, HQ and an option to expand video size lesser than full screen.

As mentioned earlier, HQ option will allow you to stream a better version of the video regarding clarity. Even you can pause the streaming content in between and enable this option. The changeover is quick, and you will be presented will a better version of the same video from the point where you paused it.

There is a small button to expand the media content a bigger window but not full screen. I did not see any value addition with this alternative as it is on top of what you get as a full-screen option.

Ads experience

Surprisingly there are no Ads on any of Veoh’s media content. This is strange since free movie streaming websites necessarily show advertisements. I am not sure how Veoh is covering up for its cost of running the whole service.

Buffering experience

Most of the streaming content took 7-10 seconds to load before they begin playing. Considering the standard resolution of videos, I found the buffering not up to the mark.

If you choose to skip forward or backward through any movie, then be ready to wait for some more time for the content to load up.

Also, it is worth to mention that I checked this whole thing on an internet network having close to 2.5Mbps speed.

Application for other platforms

I did not find any regular iOS or Android free movie app of Veoh. The website does mention Veoh apps as Web player, Web player toolbar, Video uploader and for TV. But to me, all these options look more like workarounds rather than out of box solution.

On the top of this, its web player toolbar does not support Google Chrome.