Viewster Review – A Free Streaming Video Website

Viewster is 100% free video streaming service which has a website and applications for a range of devices. You can watch a wide variety of TV Shows as well as free movies online. Viewster allows you to join or sign up on its website and app. However, it is not mandatory to sign in if you want to only stream videos.

This article is a detailed Viewster review about the quality of movies, video player options, ad experience, information about its application, etc.


Video categories on Viewster

Browsing a video or a movie could never be as easy as it is on Viewster. There two head options as “Channels” and “Browse”. “Channels” has some of the best gaming, animation, and comedy videos grouped into multiple categories. Some of the catchy Channels headings are All-Time Series, The Escapist, Shut Up! Cartoons, How It Should Have Ended and more.

You need to sign up before you could follow any of these channels. Once you Follow some channels, then you get automatic email notifications whenever a new video gets added to your Followed channel.

“Browse” allows you to filter movies and videos according to different genres such as Anime, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Kids, Classics, Romance, Thrillers, War, etc. You can read the short info by hovering your mouse on a movie or a video tile.

Also, you can sort videos according to different languages like English, Spanish, German and French. Other sorting options are according to latest additions, most viewed, feeling lucky, staff picks, etc.

Video quality

This is one area where you could be disappointed since other free video streaming websites such as Crackle, TubiTV, YouTube, etc. have better video resolution. Most of the videos and movies on Viewster are not even more than or close to 780p. In short, you get DVD or less than DVD quality.

Viewster Video Quality

It does not mean that you get buffer less streaming experience. Videos do take more than a few seconds to load. But I did not face any issue after the video started playing. If you have a tottering slow internet connection, then you also have the option to decrease the video resolution. By default, Auto mode will be selected.

I really hope that Viewster improves in this area since as on today even in free category people have a lot of options to choose from. Overall, videos are watchable considering the fact that you are not paying anything for streaming.

Video player options

You get a plain and simple video player on Viewster. There are no advance player options as you get on other websites such as YouTube and Crackle.

Here you get options like volume, play/pause, resolution selection and full screen. Of course, you can scrub the video left and right per your need. Once you pause the video, you get video suggestions on top of the video player. It is quite similar to what you get on any YouTube video.

There is also an option to embed the video on a website. If you have an account on Viewster, then you can Like videos to keep it in the My Videos section for future reference. And lastly, there is no subtitles or closed caption (CC) option.

Ads placement

I watched several movies and videos on Viewster, and I experienced multiple Ads intermittently during the whole playtime. Advertisements could be irritating for many but not to forget that you are watching videos at no cost.

Viewster is no exception when we talk about ads on a free video streaming website. I think it is acceptable.

Viewster application

Viewster also has a free movie app for different platforms such as iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox 360, smart TVs, Chromecast, etc. The experience is same if you compare its website and application.

I downloaded Viewster app on my iPhone 7 and found the interface clean and straightforward. You can display the movies or videos in a tile or list view.

Here also you do not require to sign in to watch movies, but I recommend people to create an account for getting additional options as watch later, history and liked.


Overall watching experience on Viewster

It does not matter if you are having a blazing fast internet connection since video on Viewster does take time to start. Although, I did not face any issue after the movie started. As mentioned earlier, the quality is decent if not excellent.

The collection of movies is OK. I must admit that I saw titles of several films which I never heard before. There is also a handful of Bollywood movies online. Every video on its application or website is legal to watch.


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