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When Virender Sehwag was playing Cricket, his unorthodox aggressive batting style lured billions of fans worldwide. Initially, even the biggest Cricket pundits criticised Sehwag’s unique batting style. But with the passage of time, Sehwag’s prolific scoring abilities left all his critics scratching their head.

Now Virender Sehwag is retired from Cricket, but he is doing wonders otherwise. Be it social cause, commentary or even social media, he is making buzz everywhere.

We know very little how he was off the field. But not anymore! He is out in the open, and his quirky and witty style of commentary and Tweets please everyone.

If not to everyone but at least to some!

His recent income of Rupees 3.3 Million is making rounds on social media. This news left us with many questions about him. Is he a social media marketer or a digital marketer? If not, then what was the secret of his earnings?

Let’s see the truth behind Virender Sehwag Twitter earnings.

Capitalising his 10 million fan following

Virender Sehwag is no ordinary person. He is “Nawab of Najafgarh”. He has over 10 Million Twitter followers. In short, he is a social media influencer. You will be surprised to know that his Tweets are getting him place in New York Times.

virendra sehwag on nytimes twitter

Although, it was NY Times April fool’s edition. But the crux is that he is a Twitter superstar.

These days, digital marketing has taken a different shape altogether. There is something more other than conventional Television and radio advertising.

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Social media is easy and yet effective source of reaching out to Billions. It did not take much time for the biggest brands to figure out capabilities of Virendra Sehwag.

Billions of followers are reading Sehwag’s tweets every day. His humorous tweets are hard to let go. Now, it is no brainer to figure out why some of his brand mentions will not catch readers attention.

Let’s see, how he is promoting big brands by his famous and spicy tweeting style.

1. One of his recent tweets for FIAMA

2. Engaging people who are watching a Cricket match, for NISSAN

By asking Questions:

And by choosing the best to answer:

3. Enticing people to watch STAR SPORTS? Maybe!

4. Directly promoting brands like POOOF!

I am sure Virender Sehwag is making a lot of money by all those social media activities. But, it’s not only about making money. He is also doing a lot of good work out there through Twitter!

1. Taking the side of technology and networking to reach out to people during an emergency:

2. Or breaking stereotypes:

3. Saluting the unheard heroes:

4. Saluting the Soldiers:

5. Raising awareness:

Virender Sehwag has shown a lot of people that how you can leverage your inborn talent even after you retire.

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