Voila Mattress Review – The “Best of Both Worlds” Hybrid Mattress

Available in three variants of firmness – Plush, Medium and Firm and built-in unique 12 layers

voila mattress

When you have decided to buy a new mattress, it is time you look at the several options available and choose the best that suits your requirements.

Instead of buying a foam, latex or coil mattress, you can buy a hybrid mattress that has “the best of both worlds” – and that is how Voila mattresses claim their mattress to be.


It has 6.25 inches high pocketed coils which are spread over five zones on the bed, and it also has gel memory foam layers for the perfect feel.

What is more, the mattress is well-ventilated and helps to take off the heat around your body, making you sleep in cool comfort.

Few standout features of Voila Mattress

Voila mattresses have several exclusive and unique features that are not available with other mattresses. Here is a brief overview of these outstanding features.

  • Voila mattresses have 12 layers in all, all different kinds of layers to provide specific functionality.
  • The mattress has been designed in a way to provide maximum airflow and prevent tapping of heat.
  • There are 768 coils in the mattress that are pocketed for safety and durability. Moreover, these are five-zoned to provide appropriate body support.
  • The memory gel foam used is Certipur-US® certified and of premium quality.
  • It comes in three variants of firmness – Plush, Medium and Firm.
  • The firmness options are suitable for all kinds of sleepers, including side and back sleepers.
  • A 100-day trial is offered to enable you to have a complete experience.
  • The warranty period of 10 years is comparable to the best in the market.
  • The company offers Free shipping in the US
  • Easy delivery in a vacuum compressed rolled packaging

Here is more info on Voila mattress that sets out its salient features and shows how it scores over other mattresses.

1. Construction and Materials

The Voila hybrid mattresses come in three firmness options to suit any sleeper’s requirement. The options are – Plush, Medium, and Firm. The Plush variant is 12 inches thick, the Medium is 11 inches thick, and the Firm option is 10 inches thick.

All variants have 768 pocketed spring coils which are spread over five zones to provide optimum comfort specific to the body parts.

Credit @voilabox

The Plush variant may be most suitable for lightweight people, whereas the Firm is best for heavy people or those who like to sleep on their tummy.

Each mattress is made of not just 5 or 6, or 7 layers as usual mattresses are made of, but an astonishing 12 layers.

Here we shall be reviewing the Medium version, as this is the most preferred one by the buyers. The breakdown of each layer is given below.

Layer 1 – This is the top cover, with a white surface made of Stretch Polyester. The grey-colored breathable mesh side panels so that hot air is not trapped inside the mattress. This helps you sleep cool on the gel memory foam layer placed below. The cover is two-toned, stylish, and can be zipped-off easily.

Layer 2 and Layer 3 – On the top is a 0.75-inch thick Gel Memory Foam with a density of 3 pounds per cubic feet. While below this (Layer 3) is a firmer Gel Memory Foam with a thickness of 1.75 inches. The density of this layer is 4 pounds per cubic feet. Both these layers combine to provide softness and comfort, as well as pressure relief and support.

Layer 4 – This is a rubberized  Talalay Latex layer which is 0.75 inches thick to provide support. This help in preventing the Memory Foam layers to envelope and confine the body. The latex layers also provide healthy bounciness. It also provides motion isolation.

Layer 5 – This is a 2.25 inch Edge Support Foam. This helps if you wish to sit or stretch your body towards the edges, it will prevent the mattress sinking and making you slide out.

Layer 6 – This layer is a Support Foam which is 0.25 thick and made of softer 2.5 pounds per cubic feet density foam.

Layer 7 – This unique layer, not found in other mattresses, is a Fiber Insulator Pad.

Layer 8 – Here comes the real soul of the mattress. This layer contains Pocketed Coils which are more than half a foot high – to be precise,               6.25 inches.     There are 768 such coils which are spread over five distinct zones according to the support needed at specific points.

Layer 9 – Below the coils, there is again an Edge Support Foam which is of the same thickness as the Pocketed Coils layer above it – namely, 6-25 inches! This is not a layer but firm side support that wraps around the edge of the pocketed coils.

Layer 10 – This comprises of a Fiber Insulator Pad for regulating temperature.

Layer 11 – This is the Support Base Foam, which is 1 inch thick.

Layer 12 – This makes for the Base Foam. Both the support and base foam are made of high-density foam to provide strong base support.

Edge Support

Voila has more Edge Support system than any other mattress. The most important one is the 9th layer, which besides giving edge support covers the coils all around, ensuring that a person can sit or move around the edges without the edges getting depressed much. Then there are other edge supports that prevent the edges from sinking deep. The Voila mattress offers great edge support for couples who would like to stretch and spread their bodies near the edges.

Our ratings

  • Quality of materials – ★★★★★ 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Firmness -★★★★☆ – 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Comfort -★★★★☆ – 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Cooling-★★★★☆ – 4.8 out of 5 stars
  • Edge support Comfort-★★★★☆ – 4.7 out of 5 stars


2. Standout features

Voila mattresses have a lot of standout features that distinguish it from its competitors. A few of these features are listed here.

Best of Both Worlds

Voila mattresses provide the “best of both worlds,” that is they ensure the benefits of both memory foam and coils. The former is known for unmatched pressure relief and comfort, while the latter takes care of motion isolation and support. It also uses the Talalay latex layer to prevent excessive sinking and provide soft yet firm support.

Three firmness options   

To cater to almost all types of sleepers, Voila introduces three firmness options. These range from Plush and Medium to Firm. Most of the customers prefer the Medium option.

An exceptionally high number of layers

Other mattresses may give you just five to six layers maximum, Voila goes all out to present a mattress that has 12 layers. Especially ingenious and useful, is its edge-support system and two layers are exclusively devoted to maintaining edge support.


The 5-zoned coil layer

The 768 number of coils in a Voila hybrid mattress is carefully placed in 5 zones according to the weight of the body. This helps in giving uniform support all over. The distinctive 5 zones are arranged to give the thighs and shoulders adequate support while ensuring that the spinal alignment is proper for a restful sleep.

Good overall support

The 12 layers of the mattress are designed with the objective of giving adequate support without the feeling of sinking within the mattress. With special layers for edge support, the mattress gives you pressure-relief combined with a  weightless floating experience.

Highly breathable

Starting with the top cover that has mesh structure which wraps around the sides, to the gel foam and Talalay layers, the mattress is designed to ensure air circulation. This prevents any heat build-up and keeps the body cool by dispersing the body heat. 

3. Warranty & Return policy

  • 10-year limited warranty – Voila mattress give you peace of mind by providing a long warranty of 10 years.
  • 100-nights trial – You do not need to rush to make a decision. You can try out Voila mattress for 100 nights. In case you want to change to another option like Plush or Firm, you can ask for an exchange during this period.
  • Money back guarantees – Your money will be refunded in full, in case you are not satisfied with the mattress.
  • Packaging – The mattresses come to you in a rolled compact packaging.
  • Free shipping – The mattress is shipped free within the USA, and can be even shipped internationally for an additional fee.

Our ratings:

  • Trial –        ★★★★★   – 5 out of 5 stars
  • Warranty – ★★★★★ -5  out of 5 stars
  • Shipping –  ★★★★★  -5  out of 5 stars

4. Suitable for all types of sleepers 

Voila is a hybrid mattress which has both memory-gel foam as well as coils. This ensures that it is suitable for a wide range of sleeping preferences.

Moreover, it comes with three firmness options. Even the thickness varies with the firmness. The Firm option is least thick with 10 inches of thickness while the Plush one has 12 inches of thickness. The Medium firm mattress which has been considered in our review is 11 inches thick.

This makes Voila mattress suit all type of sleepers. The Firm option is especially recommended for over-weight sleepers who would not like the sinking feeling caused by their body weight. Moreover, the Firm option also suits those who prefer to sleep on their tummies

5. Sleep Experience

Voila mattress is specially designed with 12 layers to ensure a wonderful sleep experience. Most users have reported a relaxed, restful sleep experience, irrespective of their body weight, and sleeping styles.

While the gel memory foam ensures body contouring for comfort, the Talalay latex layer ensures good support without letting the body sink too much in the mattress. The coils help in isolating motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.

The Voila mattress has good circulation of air, be it the foam layers or the pocketed coil layer. The mesh-paneled cover helps air circulation near the body, thus letting the sleeper sleep cool without trapping the body heat.

6. Available in all six popular sizes

The Voila mattresses, which come in three firmness options, are available in all the six most popular sizes. Take a look at the sizes and dimensions:

  • Twin       –  38.5” x 74.5”
  • Twin XL  – 38.5” X 79.5”
  • Full          –  53.5” X 74.5”
  • Queen     –  59.5” X 79.5”
  • King           –  75.5” X 79.5”
  • Cali King   –  71.5” X 83.5”

7. Right Pricing

Compared to similar mattresses in the product category, Voila is priced lower despite its better features. You can take a look at the prices of different sizes of mattresses, here:

  • Twin       –  38.5” x 74.5”      –    $699
  • Twin XL  – 38.5” X 79.5”      –    $799
  • Full          –  53.5” X 74.5”     –    $999
  • Queen     –  59.5” X 79.5”    –    $1,199
  • King           –  75.5” X 79.5”   –    $1,499
  • Cali King   –  71.5” X 83.5”  –     $1,499

Cons of Nolah Mattress Mattress

It is a tad bit disappointing to find that there are no significant cons with Voila mattresses. Yes, there can be a slight off-gassing that will get cleared within a few days.

A minor complaint is that it is too heavy to easily move around in the house. But that is expected from a quality mattress that has 12 layers built in to ensure complete comfort.

A few may complain about the typical bounciness associated with coil mattress, but that is only natural as it also has gel foam layers to arrest bounciness.

Another con which some buyers report is that its firmness is not adequate. But you can prevent this by exchanging it with the mattress of right firmness out of the three options. This exchange is free and can be done within the 100-day trial period.

The final verdict – why should you buy Voila Mattress

The most important unique selling proposition for Voila mattress is its competitive price for a premium quality hybrid mattress that is made of 12 layers to give the ultimate comfort. The pocketed spring coils provide excellent motion isolation.


If you sleep with your partner, then the movements of one will not affect the sleep of the other person.

Not just this, it is also easier to move around or get in and out of bed, thanks to its brilliant construction that prevents the body from sinking in the mattress.

The edge support, which is ensured by three specific layers allows you to stay near the edge or sit on the edges.

Moreover, if you are not happy with the firmness option, you can go in for a change with a softer or more firm option. You get to exchange the mattress with any of the three firmness options offered. This ensures that you end up with the mattress that suits you best.

In any case, with Voila mattress, you will end up making just the right choice. The 10-year extended warranty also ensures that you spend more than a decade of sleep with your favorite mattress.