Vuze Review – A Freemium Torrent Client

vuze review

Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, is a Torrent client application. The primary job of this application is pretty much same as any other similar competitors such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, etc. which is leeching and seeding torrent files. But the uniqueness lies in its extra features such as custom display based on user expertise, password protection, small setup file, etc.

Vuze is a freemium application, and its paid plan has features such Ad-free interface, DVD writer, media play during download and antivirus protection. It supports BitTorrent extensions and protocols such as magnet links, LSD, PEX, DHT, etc. Also, it has a number of useful plugins.


Our verdict

 Custom settings based on level of expertise

Built-in search function

Media player in free version

Range of optional plugins

 Not as light as some other competitors

Application size and resource usage

Vuze setup filesize is a couple of MBs only. But it’s application does not match up with uTorrent or qBittorrent regarding resource usage and installed application size. But nothing to worry about since you can comfortably work with this application without loading your computer.

You may have to be careful while you install this application since it has bundles browser toolbar and extensions. The installation process is not a single click, and you may need to spend more time understanding various settings and options. Do not worry. Everything has an excellent explanation.

User experience

The free version of Vuze will show you a lot of advertisements on its application interface. Otherwise, the application has a neat and clean interface. You also get a download manager window to monitor torrent files download and upload. It has integrated torrent search feature, which is not a standard functionality.

There are also tons of interface settings where you can adjust things like colour scheme, alerts, etc.


You get features such as media player option, swarm discoveries, location discoveries, access to Vuze torrent bundles, password protection option, sequential download, bandwidth scheduler, IP filtering, RSS feed, torrent creation tool, etc. It is also available in 38 different languages. You can also prioritise torrents and put them in a queue.

You can also configure Vuze to automatically shut down your PC or put to sleep after a file is downloaded.

Vuze Plus, which is its paid tool, comes with additional options such as DVD creator, Antivirus, media play while downloading and of course Ad-free experience. Vuze is available on all platforms which include Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is also available on Android platform.


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