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Watch Free Movies Online

Are you someone who at times go on hunting on the internet to watch free movies online? No wonder you either end up clicking on ads or waste your time on spammy movie websites. Fortunately, there are several legit websites like Crackle, Viewster, Popcornflix, SnagFilms, TubiTV, Yidio, Vudu, YouTube, etc. which have an impressive collection of movies, trailers, TV shows and whatnot. Most of these services offer free movie apps for your handheld devices like smartphone, tablets, etc

And if you want to go traditional, then there are services like Redbox, Netflix, and even your local public library which provides free DVD rentals.

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#1. Crackle

Crackle tops the list of websites to watch free movies online. Crackle’s parent company is Sony Picture Entertainment, and that’s why the quality of online film at this place is incredible.

Crackle – Online distributor of Free Online movies and TV shows


Here, you can find original web shows, TV shows, and online Hollywood movies. Crackle features full-length film from the library of Sony Picture Entertainment. Sony has an existing partnership with many entertainment giants like FOX Digital, MGM, Universal Studios, etc.

You can filter out movies by genre such as action, thriller, romance, drama, etc. Some of the films on Crackle that are worth a mention are Shutter Island, Unthinkable, Sniper, The Cave, Chosen, Identity, Bulletproof, Ghosts of Mars, The Shield, Ali, The Intruders, Steamboy, Mad Families, Blue Streak and The Hangover Games.

Crackle is available on various platforms such as Roku, Play Station, Xbox, Apple TV, etc. It also has applications for IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows platform.

#2. Viewster

Viewster is a Zurich based video on demand service. It offers globally a broad range of free online movies and TV shows. You do not need to register on Viewster for watching movies.

Viewster – Video on Demand Service for watching Free Movies Online

It has a collection of approximately 12,000 titles, which include animation, documentary film, classic movie, comedy movie, etc. Here also, you do not have to pay anything.

Last time when I visited, I found several movies that were interesting. Some of them are Girlfriend, One Night, Ghostville, The Red House, God of Vampires, School Days, Wonder Momo, Blood on the Sun, Snow & Ashes, Bravo Man, Street Fighter, Carpool Guy, Boxing Jesus, Evidence of a Haunting and Cape Karma.

You can also download Viewster application on android and IOS devices.

#3. Popcornflix

Screen Media Ventures company owns Popcornflix. It is an on-demand, advertiser supported, a digital streaming channel which features free online movies and TV shows. Currently, Popcornflix holds more than 1000 online movies and shows, and the number is steadily increasing.

Popcornflix – On Demand advertiser supported digital streaming channel for free movies online and shows

Its services are being operated in over 60 countries worldwide. Initially, there was only one website as Popcornflix, but now four different channels such as popcornflix.com, frightpix.com, popcornflixkids.com, and popcornflixcomedy.com, are serving free online movies in various genres of horror, kids, and comedy.

You will not be disappointed with the range of free movies that are available on Popcornflix. Some of the titles are Terminator-2, Cruel, The Silence, Austin powers, 100 Girls, A Hard Day, Battle in Seattle, Human Bomb, Pimp, Witness, Lyle, The Assassins, The Deep Blue Sea, Dogville, The Thieves and Morning Glory.

Popcornflix is also supported on XBOX Live, Samsung, and Roku. Also, it has free movie applications for iOS, Android, and Amazon store.

#4.  Zero Dollar Movies

Do you know that YouTube is a great place to watch free movies online? All these movies are available in public domain and that too free of cost. But it could be a heroic task to search for any authentic film on YouTube. Most of the time you end up playing fake films.

Zero Dollar Movies – YouTube API based web app for watching free movies online

Zero Dollar Movies is a third party website which features YouTube free movies. It has a simple interface but has all required features. For example, you can search any film based on a language or year of release.

The Kid, The Ring, Downhill, White Zombie, Judge Priest, Invisible Ghost, American Empire and The Ape Man are some of the English movie titles that you can consider watching.

Currently, Zero Dollar Movies has the library of free movies in four different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. This website has a collection of around 15000 YouTube free movies.

#5. SnagFilms

SnagFilms has the collection of over 5,000 free online films which includes fantastic documentary films. This site contains some of the best documentary films of National Geographic, etc.

SnagFilms – Free movies online streaming

SnagFilms curate a vast collection of free movies, which are also viewed across the various digital network of more than 110,000 web pages and affiliated sites worldwide.

The Good Son, The Kid, Muhammad Ali, Road, The Slaughter Ride, Sink or Swim, War Flowers, Atomic Cafe, Sewing Hope, War Without Winners, Kicking It, Letters from the Big man and Gas Hole are some of my favorite free films on SnagFilms.

It has a free application for Amazon Kindle, IOS, and Android. You can also watch SnagFilms on XBOX Live, Samsung Media Hub, VUDU, Ad-supported DIRECTV, etc.

#6. TubiTV

The list of free movie websites is incomplete without tubitv. Currently, tubitv holds the maximum number of free films and television shows on the internet. The number is around 70,000.

tubitv – Free Ad supported television and movie platform

Tubitv has significant content partners such as Paramount Pictures, MGM, Lionsgate, etc. Paramount Pictures has gone into agreement with tubitv for providing 50 movies on a monthly basis. This fact makes tubitv a fantastic contender when it comes to fresh content.

I will make your job easier by mentioning following movie flicks which are available on Tubitv. Some of them are House of Games, Hellboy, Police Story, Wishmaster, The Condemned, Urban Legend, Virgin territory, Texas Chainsaw, The Closet, The Love Punch, Bulletproof, A Monster in Paris, The Smurfs and the magic, Suspect, Thor, Black Water, Desperate Hours and Wolf Blood.

Tubitv has application for Android as well as IOS. You can also watch tubitv on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, XBOX Live, PlayStation, Samsung and Amazon Fire TV. No to mention, you can also view full-length online movies directly on its website.


Do you love to watch documentary films? If yes, then TDF is the best place to look for some mind-blowing free documentary films. TDF is having altogether over 3,000 documentaries spread across 25 different categories.

TDF - TOP DOCUMENTARY FILMS – Free Online Documentary Films

There are some documentary films which will make you glued to the screen. Some of them are State of Surveillance, Banaz a Love Story, Children Full of Life, Billions in Change, Jihad, Planet Ocean, Stealing a Nation, Space Station, Superhuman – Iceman, Oil Control, Tesla – Master of Lightning, Four Horseman, Perpetual War, The Brain that Changes Itself, How I Become the Real Iron Man, The Magical Forest and 9/11 Memorial.

Top Documentary Films has some eye-catching categories such as conspiracy, crime, 9/11, military and war, etc. All these documentaries are available free to watch in public domain.

 #8. Yidio

Yidio is a free movie streaming service. It offers multiple genres of movies like Horror, Classics, Sc-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Adventure and much more.

Yidio website and app

The uniqueness of Yidio lies in the fact that it hosts movies from some great 70 websites like CW, Crackle, TubiTV, DirecTV, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Comedy Central, VH1, etc. You can filter movies per age criteria such as PG, G, R, PG-13, NR, and NR-17. This functionality is not standard on other similar websites.

There were some great titles which I spotted during my last visit. Some of them are Philadelphia, Air, Kung Fu Hustle, MIB, The Intruders, Dead Man Down, Meeting Evil, Sniper – Reloaded, The Experiment, Universal Soldier, Game of Death, The River Murders, Angel of Death, Flight of Fury, The Contractor, Identity, The Marsh, The 6th Day, Circus, Spy Game, Dick, Backwash, Machete, Walk Hard and Short Circuit

Yido is available for iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, Amazon Kindle, Windows smartphone, etc. You can also directly watch films on Yido website via any internet browser.

 #9. Hoopla

Are you a member of a nearby library? If yes, then you just got lucky. Hoopla is a digital media service offering by your local public library which can allow you to borrow movies, audiobooks, TV shows and comics. You have to watch within 72 hours after you borrow a movie or any other content.

Hoopla enables you to watch free movies online


Your library decides on the total number of movies that you can borrow in a month. Hoopla has a great collection of movie flicks such as Imitation Game, The Saint, The Soloist, Beowulf, School of Rock, Shutter Island, etc. It has application for iOS and Google Play store too. You can even open Hoopla site from any internet browser and watch free movies online.

You can also download movies on your device for offline viewing. Movie titles are automatically removed from your device after the lending period.

 #10. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents website allows you to download and watch movies at no cost. You can download torrents of various movies for watching it later when you have limited or no connectivity to the internet. All movies are available in the public domain and hence its torrents are legal to download.

Public Domain torrent Offers free movie downloads

Movies are categorized into several genres such as Drama, Comedy, Horror, Family, Musicals, etc. People provide feedback on the film about the quality, rating, etc. You need to register on this website for leaving feedbacks on film. The quality of movies what you get here is pretty much decent and watchable. I have watched myself a couple of films, and the clarity was close to DVD print.

Return of the Street fighter, Charlie Chaplin Mabels Strange Predicament, Dick Tracy Detective, The Stranger, Tha Last Man on Earth, The Secrect Life of Adolf Hitler, The Amazing Transparent Man, International Crime and Dick Tracy Vs Cueball are some of the movie torrents which I spotted last time when I visited its website.

The only way to stream movies on Public Domain Torrents is via an internet browser. They do not any movie application for any portable devices.

 #11. Internet archive or archive.org

Not many of us know that Internet archive is also one of the biggest places free movies online. You also have an option of downloading movies to watch when you are off the grid. It has a massive collection of full-length feature films, short films, movie trailers, documentaries, etc.

Movie on Internet Archive

The video quality ranges from DVD to HD print. You can filter movies based on genres such as Comedy films, Silent Films, Sci-Fi/Horror, etc. Internet Archive also has application for iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also watch online movies on Internet Archive via any internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

 #12. YouTube

Till now people knew YouTube as the biggest source of online videos. But with the passage of time, YouTube started featuring full-length movies too. Yes, you heard me right, YouTube has the extensive collection of high-quality online movies and TV shows. Some of you may argue telling that YouTube official channel featuring online movies are paid.

Official YouTube Movies Channel

But there are other private channels where you can watch free movies online. All these private YouTube channels add free movies from time to time. You can subscribe them for getting regular notifications. Even the greatest movie streaming websites such as Crackle, The Paramount Vault, Starz, etc. have channel on YouTube.

YouTube has every possible application, channel, etc. on multiple devices to enable you to watch movies from anywhere and everywhere. You can also download YouTube movies free through many YouTube Downloaders such as Any Video Converter Free, 4K Video Downloader, etc.

#13. Free Classic Movies

If you are classic movies fan, then Free Classic Movies website is definitely for you. Movies on this website are available in the public domain, and also they are free from any copyright act. You also have an option of downloading these movies free of cost.

Free Classic Movies - Download Free movies


You can watch online movies on “Free Classic Movies” website via internet browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Free Classic Movies does not have any application for portable devices.

#14. Veoh

Veoh is another good website for watching old classic movies, documentaries, biographies, full-length movies, etc. You can choose movies from its different categories such as Romantic, Horror, Family, Comedy, Cartoon and several others.

Veoh Free movie website featuring free movies

The video quality of movies on Veoh varies from standard to DVD quality. You also get a choice of selection of streaming quality when you start watching any movie. Most of the movies on Veoh are uploaded by users and also Veoh distributes various videos from big companies like MTV, ESPN, CBS, etc.

You can watch films on Veoh with the help of simple browser such as Chrome, Safari, etc. Veoh does have the mobile app for iOS as well as Android platform.

#15. Free Movies Cinema

I was impressed when I first tried Free Movies Cinema for the fact that it has minimal Ad interruption while streaming free movies online. The website has a decent collection of films.


Movies on this website are either hosted directly or from some other streaming services such as YouTube. It is 100% legal and safe to watch movies on this website. The video quality varies with movies, and typically, I have found all movies at 720p or 1080p.

It is a shame that Free Movies Cinema does not have application for any portable devices. You are only left with an option of watching movies with the help of internet browser. This website does have RSS feed option, thereby providing you with an option of keeping yourself updated if any movies get added to its collection.

#16. Pluto TV

Pluto TV allows you to stream movies from every possible device at your home. The official website itself claims to feature more than 1000 free movies and TV shows. You can choose either to watch live TV shows or films from the various categories which exist on Pluto TV.

Pluto - Watch new movie every week

Pluto has a fantastic collection of free movies online. I have picked a few for you to decide, which are A Most Wanted Man, Brothers, Dead Man Walking, Case 39, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Ticket, Johnny English, Haywire, Police Story, Mr Wrong, The Nutty Professor, The English Teacher, School of Rock, The Swap, Holiday INN, The Saint, Labor Day, Barnyard, Naughty & Nice, The Lost City of Z and Terminator-2.

But before watching any movie, you have to provide your email address to accept their privacy policy. You cannot watch movies directly on any internet browser. You have to download their desktop app. Pluto TV has application for iOS, Android, Roku, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

#17. MovieZoot

If your desire of watching classic and old movies are unfulfilled, then MovieZoot can be yet another good old movie streaming website. Movies are categorized into genres such as Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, Horror, etc. You can also search movies based on actors, director, etc.


MovieZoot does not have any mobile application. However, you can simply watch movies on your laptop or PC through any internet browser.

#18. Retrovision

Retrovision has plenty of free movies to choose from. Retrovision has following categories of the film such as Western war, horror, crime, drama, comedy, adventure, etc. Quality of movies is decent, close to DVD quality.


This website also has an option of classic TV shows like Gang Busters, Bonanza and much more. Retrovision has application for Android platform only.

#19. Moviesfoundonline.com

Moviesfoundonline.com is a different kind of movie streaming website in terms of movies hosting. The movies are not directly hosted on this website. In reality, movies are streamed from other free movie streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. In a way, this website provides a big relief to people who visit multiple websites looking for one particular movie.


Moviesfoundonline just embeds these free videos on its website. The website is more or less similar to Zero Dollar Movies which hosts YouTube free movies. As a result, movie quality has nothing to do directly with this website and solely depends on its parent source.

All movies are grouped in different categories, such as action, adventure, mystery, short films, thriller, war, western, etc., providing you with an option to filter out movies per your requirement and convenience. You can also filter out movies based on year of release. Moviesfoundonline does not have any application for portable devices such as smartphone or tablet.

#20. VUDU

VUDU has a section called “Movie On Us.” All the films in this particular section are free to watch. However, you will encounter a few Ads while you stream free online movies on VUDU.

There are various categories such as Popular on VUDU, Bravery & Honor, Murder Mysteries, Kabillion Kidz, Thanks for the love, etc. All the free movie flicks are marked as “FREE with ADs”.

VUDU Movies on US

Some of the popular ones are Terminator-2, Walking Tall, Labor Day, Bandits, Thor, Brothers, and K19.  You need to register before you can stream a movie on VUDU. Even if you have a Walmart account, you are good to go (Walmart owns Vudu).


Vudu is available on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Blu-ray, Smart TV, Roku, Comcast, PlayStation, and Xbox.

#21. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a free online movie streaming website, which specializes in Classic or Old cinema and silent films. It also features a handful of old serials or TV series. You do not require to sign up for watching any of its videos. Most of its videos are sourced from YouTube.

Movies are grouped into different genres such as Action, Romantic, Musical, Animated, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Documentary, Holiday, Westerns, and more. Some of its movies are worth a mention such as David and Goliath, The Vikings, Danger Ahead, British Intelligence, The North Star, The Mark of Zorro, Hercules, The Outlaw, John Wayne, Black Fist, Air Devils and Battle of the Worlds.

Movies on Classic Cinema Online are ages old, and hence you get lower video quality as 144p or 240p. But films are watchable. You will not face any buffering issues even at slower internet speed.

Classic Cinema Online does not have any application for portable gadgets. So, you mostly rely on a browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

Over to you

Nowadays stricter copyright act in the place and it is no safer to download movies from illegal websites. Also, if there are so many natural options are available to watch free online movies then why to waste time on downloading movies.

Gone are the days when we had to carry terabyte hard disks full of movies. We are living in an age where we have become mobile. With services mentioned above, now you can watch free movies online at our will and place of choice.

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