4 Websites Offering Free Movie Downloads

4 websites offering free movie downloads

It is no more piece of cake to get free movie downloads as earlier days. Moreover, it is no more recommended to download free movies from illegal websites. The reason is simple! You are being watched all the time. You do not want to land in trouble by downloading films which are not available free in the public domain. Then, how can you build your library of movies if there so many complications?

There are several movie websites, which are still providing opportunities to download movies legally without any hassle. All these movies fall under public domain and do not require you to pay anything. The copyright of any public domain movie is not held by any individual or corporation. In short, public domain movies are owned by everyone. Unfortunately, your choice would be limited to a small list of movie flicks, but still, you will get a fair piece of the bargain.


Do get lured by thousands of websites offering free movies. You can easily check the legality of a website before even thinking of downloading any online content.

Reconsider free online movie streaming instead

Nowadays, internet bandwidth is no more issue. Watching free movies online is more convenient than waiting for your movie to download completely. Online movie streaming saves your time and a lot of hard disk space on your machine.

We have gone mobile, and nowadays we prefer to watch movies on the fly. Not to mention, our smartphones have become the biggest place to stream movies. Many of these online movie streaming websites have great free movie apps for enriching your movie experience.

Also, you can build a playlist of your favourite movies and TV shows in no time. If you have taken any paid movie subscription from different websites, then it is wise to check with them if they provide you with an option to download movies free of cost or not.

#1. Internet Archive or archive.org

How many of you know that “archive.org” can also be a great place to watch as well as download free movies. Internet archive is full of full-length feature films, movie trailers, short films, documentaries, World War II propaganda, etc.

Internet Org Download Free Movies

You can also filter movies according to the existing criteria such as Short Format Films, Sci-Fi/Horror, Comedy Films, Silent Films, etc. Also, you will find various sub-options on the left sidebar to filter or sort out movies or videos per your choice.

Once you click any film, you will find download options on the right side. There are several video formats available such as MPEG4, MPEG2, OGG Video, etc. You do not need any particular video player to play the downloaded video.

Internet Archive Free Movie Downloads option

Also, you have an option to download the torrent file of any particular movie or video. Torrent files will conveniently download the movie conveniently in packets.

#2. Public Domain Torrents

You must be thinking since when Torrents have become legal and free to download movies? In reality, public domain torrents are different than illegal torrent websites such as Kickass Torrent or kat.ph. All the movies on Public Domain Torrents are free from copyright violation.

Public Domain torrent Offers free movie downloads

Public Domain Torrents offers a ton of free movies which has an inbuilt download link. There various movies categories, such as Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Horror, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Serials, etc. You have to download BitTorrent Client or choose the Easydownload option which includes a client program.

Your downloaded movie will be in the AVI format, encoded in DIVX. Mostly, your computer default player should be able to play DIVX file. If not, then you can download DIVX player.

#3. YouTube Movies

Often, I find two kinds of people who are kind of ignorant about YouTube complete features. The first type of people is those who do not know that YouTube has a massive collection of high-quality free movies and TV shows. Whereas, the second kind of people does not know how to download YouTube movies free of cost.

Official YouTube Movies Channel

You can search YouTube for channels like Crackle, Popcornflix or any personal channel, which uploads impressive movies time to time.

You might want to consider a good YouTube downloaders such as Any Video Converter Free, 4K Video Downloader, etc. which are available free of cost.

I would highly recommend you to read YouTube terms and service before downloading any content from YouTube website. Sometimes, you may have to obtain the download permission from the individual uploader.

#4. Free Classic Movies

Do you like old classic movies? If yes, then you will be amazed to find some good, authentic and legal Classic flicks available free of cost on this website. The site has a clean interface with different categories of movies on the right sidebar. From here, you can select a movie by year, person, etc.

Free Classic Movies - Download Free movies

All the movies on this website are available in public domain and free from any copyright violation. The download option appears when you click any movie and go inside.

Free Classic Movies - movie download option

You can also choose to stream an online movie while you download any movie on this site. Make sure you have a good internet connection ( not below 1Mbps).


Over to you

Once again, downloading free movies from any illegal website could attract colossal penalty and legal action. Moreover, our little understanding and support can help big directors, producers and actors to make even better movies.

On the other side, illegal websites offering you to download free movies could contain malware, virus threats, etc. Thousands of movie websites come up daily offering free movie downloads, but within a few weeks, they are taken down.

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