Quiz – Weight Loss & Calories. How Are They Connected?

Being overweight can invite many health problems. A healthy and fit body helps in improving mental health.

It reduces fatigue and enables you to feel fresh and active.


Do you know what affects the weight the most?

It’s the diet that we take or just the calories we consume. Calories play an essential role in reducing or increasing weight.

So if you desire to lose weight than your focus should be calories lost against the calories consumed.


1. A low carb diet is a kind of diet that restricts carbohydrates like sugar, bread. But such a diet is rich in which of the following?


A low carb diet is usually preferred as it is rich in protein, fats when compared to a high carb diet. Such a diet can improve health and reduce weight.

2. Which among the following can be best categorized as a low carb diet food?


Trans fats, seed oil, bread are generally avoided in a low carb diet. Also, one should keep in mind that there is no fixed low carb diet as it depends on many factors like desired weight loss, health, and physical activities.

3. Bread is a staple food that is readily available. Do you know the number of calories it has per 100 grams?


You might have realized why bread is not a preferred option when weight loss is the aim. White bread is a refined carb that can spike blood sugar rapidly.


4. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, what is the minimum number of calories that an adult body should consume or should have in their body each day?


To avoid metabolism slowdown it is necessary to consume at least 1200 calories each day. Men usually need more calories than women. A person’s Basal Metabolic Rate also plays a crucial role in calculating the number of calories one burn while in rest condition.

5. What kind of problems can an adult human body face if they consume less than 1200 calories per day?


It is necessary to consume at least 1200 Calories daily. It doesn't matter even if you aim to lose weight. This is the basic calorie requirement of the body that should be fulfilled every day.

6. Do you know there are factors apart from Exercise and food that can affect your calorie burn and consumption? Can you guess these factors from the options provided?


Let us see how the above-mentioned factors affect calories burned or consumed. Well, as the age increases, metabolism rate slows down. Also, if your starting weight is more, you will lose more pounds and the Lean mass muscle also stimulates weight loss.


7. Which among the following classification falls under the low-fat group diet?


There are two diet group namely low carb and low-fat group. A low carb diet group means eating till you feel full whereas a low-fat diet group refers to a calorie restriction group where a person eats less than full (Hungry).

8. Intermittent fasting is a eating pattern in which people cycle their period between eating and fasting. Such fasting can be an effective method for weight loss as


Intermittent energy restriction can be an effective strategy for the treatment of overweight and obesity as it restricts continuous calorie consumption.

9. A side effect of dieting leads to loss of muscle and metabolic slowdown. Such a side effect is also called


There is nothing called hunger mode. Starvation mode is the body's natural response to long-term calorie restriction. It involves the body responding to reduced calorie intake by reducing calorie expenditure in an attempt to maintain energy balance and prevent starvation.


10. When aiming for weight loss one should eat more fiber-based food as it is?


Fiber is a carbohydrate which is difficult to digest. Hence it gives a feeling as if your stomach is full even though it is not full. Most of the fibrous food needs chewing which reduces the feeling of hunger and hence calories are reduced without boosting the blood sugar.

11. Which among the following is a fibrous food?


Only oatmeal is a fibrous food in the provided options. Other three namely Milk, gelatin and seafood are non-fibrous or low fiber foods. To increase the quantity of fiber in your diet you can add fruits as well. They are high in fiber and nutritious.

Quiz - Weight Loss & Calories. How Are They Connected?

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