What are Clear Braces? Benefits and Effectiveness

Clear braces are transparent braces which are placed over crooked and misaligned teeth to realign them. Clear braces are custom made in a dental lab and it is safe to say that there is a perfectly fitting pair of clear braces for each of you.

A perfect, well aligned, Hollywood smile is the most sought-after appearance these days. You, as an adult, would want to be confident of your appearance.


Unfortunately, not everybody receives the gift of good genetics. As a result, you may have misaligned teeth in your mouth. It is normal for a teenager to wear the traditional metal braces all the time.

But, as adults, even the thought of sporting metal wires in your mouth can be revolting. Fortunately, dentists have come up with a solution which is Clear Braces. There are many benefits of clear braces.

Clear braces are invisible to others. You can quickly remove and replace these braces as and when you want. You no longer need to run to the dentist for readjustment of your braces.

Also, clear braces are possible more effective and give a better outcome than regular braces. So, let’s see in details about clear braces, their benefits, and effectiveness.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces are custom made transparent braces. They help in orthodontic treatment like the realignment of misaligned and crooked teeth. These are transparent and hence popular among adults.

The placement and removal of clear braces is a very easy process. The dentist makes an impression of your teeth and subsequently, a cast is made out of your impression.

As we know, the clear braces are custom-made. Dentists fabricate them over your dental casts. They use a transparent plastic material to make these braces. Then the dentist trims and smoothens out the edges of the braces. (1)

Finally, in the next dental appointment, you receive the clear braces. These braces fit snugly over your teeth. They pull your teeth back in correct alignment slowly and painlessly. You can remove and replace these braces on your own.

Brushing and flossing between metal braces are difficult. But with clear braces, you can easily remove them while brushing and even eating. Dentists recommend a total of 22 hours daily usage of clear braces for good results.

How do clear braces work?

To know the functionality of clear braces we first need to understand their making. So, let’s review the procedure in details.

Making of clear braces

The first step is the impression of your teeth. The dentist prepares the impression and pours a dental mold or cast from it. Clear braces are a very thin sheet of dental polymer of plastic.

The dentist compresses this material over your cast. The cast in then put in a compression chamber.

Finally, in a few minutes, clear braces come out of the chamber. There are no wires, metal brackets or elastic bands in this form of orthodontic treatment.

The functionality of Clear Braces

Dentists make clear braces according to the structure and alignment of your teeth. Dentists fabricate clear braces in such a way that they fit snuggly on your teeth.

Dentists aim at correcting your misalignment by anticipating the progress of your teeth movement. Hence, clear braces start pulling your teeth in a desirable direction and alignment as soon as you start wearing them.

The process is slow when it comes to clear braces but the treatment is painless. The outcome of this treatment is excellent according to dentists. The resulting teeth alignment is more functional and long-lasting. (2)

Benefits of wearing Clear Braces

The following are some significant benefits of clear braces that help them stand out in orthodontic treatment –

Esthetic appearance

The best feature of clear braces is that they are entirely transparent. As adults, your significant discomfort with orthodontic treatment is the visibly ugly wires.

With clear braces, that concern is no longer there. Hence these braces are esthetically superior and convenient for adults.

Easy removal

You no longer need to see your dentist to remove these braces. You can pull them out as and when you want. Be it while eating, brushing or flossing.

You can quickly remove and replace these braces on your own. Just keep in mind that you need to keep these braces on for 22 hours daily.

Easy maintenance of oral hygiene

As you can remove these braces on your own, you can maintain better oral health. Brushing around metal brackets and wires is tedious and painful. But with these clear braces, you can remove them while brushing.

Reduced discomfort

Metal braces are very uncomfortable to wear all the time. You might see gum tears, pain or even staining of teeth with metal braces. But clear braces are smooth and convenient to wear. They neither hurt you teeth nor your gums.

Less dental visits

Metal braces need readjustment and tightening every once in a while. With clear braces, frequent dental visits are no longer a concern. (3)

Are clear braces effective?

Dentists trust clear braces much more than regular braces for some reasons. It is easier to discern the effectiveness of clear braces when we compare them with regular braces.

Clear braces versus Metal Braces


Nobody would know if you are wearing an orthodontic appliance, even from a few feet away with clear braces. They work by gently pushing your teeth into a custom-designed position.

Dentists also refer to this type of orthodontic treatment as clear aligners or invisible braces. With metal braces, it is evident that you have wires in your mouth. Hence, for adults, it is not a good choice.


When it comes to efficiency, dentists swear by clear braces. Metal braces give a crude result.

The treatment is more forceful and strenuous with metal braces. So, once the metal braces come off, teeth tend to go back to their original wrong position.

Clear braces, on the other hand, work slowly and effectively. They don’t involve forceful pulling and tightening. Thus, the final position that your teeth attain is all the more permanent after treatment.


Although, clear braces and esthetically and functionally superior to metal braces, they are also expensive. Metal braces are cheaper and more in use because of the same reason.


Final thoughts

Clear braces are a futuristic and patient-friendly approach to orthodontic alignment. There are also traditional braces which have innovative new materials that are nearly invisible. These are called ceramic braces.

The difference is that the brackets that attach to your teeth are clear instead of metal. But even ceramic braces involve the painful tightening procedures and relapse.

The best advantage of clear braces is that you won’t have the typical “metal mouth” appearance. Hence, as adults, esthetics being your primary concern, clear braces are a good choice.


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