What does :3 mean?

This symbol is a part of the other emojis that we find on our emoji panel in our phone and also on the emoji option available for the online social media applications. This emoji is considered to be the cat face made by anime characters to sound goofy. The only difference now is that :3 is just not limited to anime characters anymore, and now everyone uses it while they text.

It is a typical emoji face used while texting in applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram DM and also applications like Hike, Viber and We chat.

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Alternate words for :3

The alternative words for this emoji are just not limited to emojis, but there is also acronym you can use. They include-

  1. =3
  2. :O)
  3. ABF- All But Face
  4. BSOF- Big Smile On Face
  5. X3- Cute face
  6. UWU- Happy anime face

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This acronym is trendy, especially when it comes to certain situations. One of which is when you want to eat something but you know that the person on the receiving end is super mad at you. When you use this emoji at the end of your text, it looks like you are making a puppy face and being goofy with him or her.

The added advantage is that person would melt and get the food you want. Probably also get you some cake!? Another situation is when you want to be super sarcastic and at the same time keep the situation under control. This emoji then comes handy. But there is also a chance that the other person might not take you that seriously.

Or use this emoji because you are just feeling too cute. This happens a lot if you are dating someone who lives in another continent. And since you can’t always see each other, might as well convey it with the emojis.


Example 1:

Person 1: Do you wanna go out?

Person 2: Ok :3

Person 1: what?

Person 2: hehe nothing, just messing around :3

Example 2:

Person 1: can I drive today :3

Person 2: Baaah fine.


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