What does AF mean?

what does af mean

The acronym that exaggerates, AF is just like the abbreviations STG or JFC when it comes to its usage. AF is the abbreviated term for the phrase As F***.  Whereas, you use STG and JFC when you want to put in emphasis on your sentence or convey something meaningful.

People use AF when they want to stress on emotion or word. This acronym acts as an alternative term for the intensifiers Very and Really in the textual language. With the addition of the “F” word in it, it has gotten its perfect makeover. It is used on a very regular basis today on Facebook, Instagram and also in texts to convey your feelings.


History of the AF Phenomenon

The acronym is not very old when it comes to its history. The initial popularity of this slang started with the album Young Hot Ebony. The singer starring in this album recorded a song called Fake AF, which came out in 2014.

Later, an American comedy-drama Tv Show called Younger that aired in 2015 made its significant contribution to the popularity of the acronym. The show saw a significant usage of this slang. Due to this, it started to be popularly known as Younger AF.

Today, it has become a standard tongue for all the teens to use this slang. Not only does it create a sense of empathy for your emotion, but it is also a popular term in the gossip culture amongst girls. So just next time you come across a bunch of chicks checking you out, make sure you’re impressive AF!


This acronym is the growing fad amongst teens. The amount of AF’s spoken in one sentence by a teen has increased more than the actual grammatically correct sentences. People today prefer using this term to express their emotions. Even though it consists of the “F” word, it is way less scandalous than STG and JFC.

The other way of speaking this acronym is Asf, but it again changed to AF as more and more people found it convenient to say and use it. It is however imperative to understand that the acronym is used in informal situations. Since all of us are so accustomed in using AF even in our day to day lives, using it in a sitting, where there is a formal communication going on, can create a lot of trouble for you.

Though people wouldn’t use it, almost everyone knows what it means today. So, it is always better to take caution.

AF is also a popular hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. So, if you want to increase the popularity of your OTP, using this hashtag can do wonders!!

Alternate meanings

  1. As Found
  2. Air Force
  3. Automatic Focus (In Photography)
  4. Audio Frequency (In Sound)
  5. Abercrombie & Fitch (Clothing Brand)



Person 1: Are you ready for the group study tonight?

Person 2: DW, I’m ready AF!!! See you around at 8!



Person 1:  Did you know Stacy jumped on her own brother ‘cause he stole her fork!

Person 2: OMG. That’s cruel AF!

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