What does BMS mean?

BMS is the abbreviated term for the phrase Broke My Scale. Just where TBH is used to convey your feelings to someone, BMS is used when you want to rate someone’s beauty on the scale of 1-10. TBH and BMS are usually used together. Another abbreviation that accompanies these two is, OOTD.

The initial usage of this acronym was to measure how beautiful or gorgeous a person looks that it does not come on the scale. Now it is used to rate just about anything that is absolutely awesome. A person’s Jeans, their pose in a photograph, their new hairstyle etc. that is way good to fit on a rating scale.



The acronym has a very high usage in Instagram since it is a platform where people post hundreds of photographs on a daily basis. The Acronym works both as a form of the comment on these pictures or also as a TBH on your friend’s Facebook and Twitter walls.

Even though the idea behind this acronym was to compliment someone who has gone beyond the usual standards of beauty, it is also a dangerous acronym just like TBH. Whereas, TBH acts like a medium for self-validation and acceptance from the public to like you. The case is quite similar to BMS.

The slang is entirely responsible for a lot of people to feel a sense of self- doubt and judged. People go out of their way to maintain their image on social media even though the path to their popularity is pretty intense. These acronyms have not only given a boost to this lifestyle but today we are ok with it.

TBH, OOTD, WCW and BMS can be easily grouped as a part of one category. These can get you likes, followers and social acceptance.

BMS as used in NJ (New Jersey)

Broke My Scale is a pretty famous phrase but in New Jersey, use of an alternate phrase of the same abbreviation is kinda high. BMS in NJ, is the abbreviated term for the phrase Blow My Shit.

The idea behind this phrase is to express disappointment. It is used when someone or something destroys your mood or ruins it.


Example- Damn! That movie was such a BMS

Alternate Meanings of BMS

Despite the fact that BMS has one meaning in the textual language, in many areas of our lives, it holds different meaning altogether which portray different contexts. Some of them are:

  1. Bitchy Men Syndrome
  2. Be More Specific
  3. Blue Mountain State
  4. Be Myself


Example 1:

Person 1: Please rate this new photo!! #TBH

Person 2: OMG Cindy! You’re such a #BMS gurl!

Example 2

Person 1:  @Kara your date pic is #BMS AF!!

Person 2: Aww! Thanks!

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