what does btfo mean

It is yet another acronym that puts so much emphasis on the F-word. It is also the acronym that has two entirely different meanings and contexts. Just like HML, BTFO also owns two altogether different phrases when it comes to the texting language and also, they have absolutely nothing in common. BTFO is the abbreviated term for the phrases – Back The F*** Off and Blown The F*** Out.

These phrases have common areas where they are utilised. But mostly it is seen on social media as statuses, photo messages and even has its existence when it comes to texting.

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Alternate meanings of BTFO

  1. Before The Fall Orientation
  2. Back The Freak Off
  3. Bend The F*** Over

Usage of BTFO as Back The F*** Off

The slang when used in this context means business. You might not want to mess with the person when he or she tells this to you. BTFO in this context is used when you want to give a warning.

Then it does not matter what context you are talking about or which person. When you say this, it officially shows you are pissed and are in no mood to take any crap from other people. It is also used when someone has crossed your line of patience and limit.


Example 1:

Person 1: If you don’t send me your assignment, ill tell everyone how you scored your marks!

Person 2: Enough! BTFO! If you say another word, I might end up doing something very wrong to you.

Example 2:

Person 1: BTFO or you will get hurt!

Person 2: IDC! Try me! 

Usage of BTFO as Blown The F*** Out

This slang is trendy in the areas of sports, gaming and anything that includes competition and fighting each other. This acronym is a very offensive way to grab your win against the other person or team.

It is used when you or your team has grabbed the championship title by destroying the other person or their group who is very competitive, with a huge gap or margin. It usually is also used to brag about your win and in a way, degrade the other team.


Example 1:

Person 1: BTFO b****!!! Now give me my 100 bucks!

Person 2: HAHA. After the next game’s fate!

Example 2:

Person 1: Did you see the scores of FIFA? Barca was lit!

Person 2: Dude this was a live example of BTFO!