What does BTW Mean?

Of the whole 50,000 acronyms, BTW is the informational acronym, which is an abbreviation for By The way. People use it when they want to give some information that they missed out on the previous SMS.  Also, the usage of this short form can ask for more details around last email or text exchange that you aren’t aware of and are willing to know.

BTW acts like a connector and is more often used in apps where there is a lot of texting. Some of these apps are WhatsApp and hike. They only are useful for conversations but not when we want to use it with hashtags.


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How to use BTW in communication

It has various abbreviations namely: Back to work, Behind the wheel, Born this way, Big time wrestling. But the most commonly used and popular term is by the way.  The usage is also now seen increasing just beyond texting apps, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Reddit.

You also use it when you want to interrupt somebody to give a piece of information or even use it to change topics when the topic of conversation is utterly uncomfortable or just TMI (Too Much Information) and have a new discussion altogether.

Difference between BTW and btw

There isn’t much difference when it comes to writing BTW in both Upper-case and Lower-cases, but it is essential to know how to use it. Despite both mean the same, btw written in a smaller case is just you adding information along with your message but writing it in an upper-case can show the urgency of the information or the information given in the text holds a lot of importance.


Example 1: When you are not aware of the information and want to know

Person-1: Hey, I got 2 tickets for sunburn, want to come along?

Person-2: sure! Btw how much is the cost of one ticket?

Example 2: When you are giving an essential information

Person-1:  Want to go for this new musical show downtown tonight?

Person-2: yes absolutely! Btw we have a calculus test tomorrow, Mrs showman just sent an email.


Over to you

Just like any other Acronym, BTW does the job of communication for you, making sure you don’t miss out on the critical details. There are also other similar acronyms like this one namely AKA (also known as) that helps to create a similarity between two words or sentences. The other one is AFAIK (as far as I know) that allows giving information that is only limited to you.

Worth knowing


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