What Does CTFU Mean?

Just like LMAO & ROFL, CTFU also contributes to the happy acronym’s list. It is the abbreviation for Cracking The F*** Up. There isn’t much difference between the latter and Ctfu; it’s about the impact. You use it when you find a post or come across a conversation or witnesses an event that can cause a person to laugh uncontrollably to the extent that you might even fall or get a stomach ache followed by some tears.

You can use CTFU with anything that can crack you up (literally).


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The history of CTFU phenomenon

We do not know the exact year in which this acronym came into existence. But still, the best guess would be the start of 21st century. Since then, people started using it as the internet and text messaging slang to convey the amusement of a person.  It was during 2005 when it made its place in the urban dictionary and eventually gained its popularity on Twitter in 2008.

During the study of linguistics in the year 2014, it came into notice that in 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio the number of people who used this acronym on a colossal scale was the maximum in the United States before spreading further to mid-Atlantic states.

Usage of CTFU

We mainly use this acronym for virtually portraying our real emotion. It is most commonly seen as status updates on Facebook or also used in text messages, memes, gifs, and everything related to writing.

There are also a lot of alternate full forms to the said abbreviation, namely

  1. Cheer the F*** up
  2. Curb the F*** up
  3. Cowboy the F*** up

These full-forms aren’t very well known or used, but they are still very much there for the right occasion and situation.

It is also necessary to know where to use this acronym. The F-word in it can be dangerous and can even offend someone quickly especially when they aren’t aware of the acronym, or don’t use them at all.

You should also avoid them during critical situations since usage in a wrong place can be very destructive and arise damage.


Examples for CTFU

Example 1:

Person-1: Hey is it just me or does everyone have a -20 for their math test?

Person-2: CTFU! *laughing emojis all over*

Example 2:

Friend-1: I think I’ve caught the flu :/

Friend-2: how come?

Friend-1: ‘Cause I caught a fever of your love

Friend-2: CTFU XD

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