What does DAB mean?

The acronym that made the entire world (at least most of them) bow down to its tune. Dab is the famous dance step that came off in 2015 where people would bow down their head in their elbow and both the hands facing one direction, keeping your palm free. It started off as a simple dance step that meant accomplishment, pride and confidence and soon it became much more.

The most frequent places to watch somebody dab is on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the form of videos (mostly), hashtags and also statuses.


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Origin story

It is imperative to not misunderstand this dab with the recreational drug which also happens to have the same name. The Dab is a form of hip-hop dance style which was made famous by a dance scene in Atlanta done by the dancer group called Migos.

There was, however, a big controversy after the Migos claimed the dance step to be their creation and other artists started claiming their name in it. It was only cleared after a lot of discussions and debates that Skippa Da Flippa was the originator of the dance form.

The world however still thanks, Migo to bring up a real revolution in the dance industry. The real reason, however, for its popularity is the players from the famous football game adopted it to celebrate their win in 2015.

More than just a dance form

With all the possible controversies and bad fame, the dance form had, the popularity for them was the reason why it did not affect the Dab in any way. When people started to come in contact with the dabbing (as it is popularly called), everyone wanted to try the new step out.

This led to many singers coming up with songs that would include dabbing, which soon became various challenges. Some of which are:

  1. I heart Memphis lean and dab challenge
  2. Big-Will Dance on em challenge
  3. Funky Mike Hit that Bit For the gram challenge
  4. DJ B Hood, I ain’t gonna lie challenge
  5. Running Man challenge

Most of the challenges of this list are a part of the Dab on em Dance Vine compilation that eventually also get featured on other social media applications.


While most people see dab as only a small dance form, it also grew to have various contexts and nature of usage. The teens today have not limited themselves to dab on a Musical.ly challenge, but they also dab when they have accomplished something. A perfect example would be that you just passed a test you thought you were going to fail or solved a complicated math question.

Another scenario where you can have your dab moment is when you come back with a simple reply and seal the deal. That is also one of the places where you can use this slang.


Even if it is super hard to miss, it is not wrong to assume that the fade would be forgotten one day, just like the nay-nay challenge. I would like to be surprised.


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