what does DIY mean

Have you ever come across a beautiful lamp or greeting card that was handmade and entirely doable? Well, DIY here is at your service! This acronym is the abbreviated term for the phrase Do It Yourself. DIY isn’t just an abbreviation, but it is a platform where people can showcase their talent and knowledge.

DIY has provided an opportunity to several people to share their life hacks with the world. You can see a lot of it on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even YouTube. More and more people are now making videos and creating exciting trends.

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DIY is written with an uppercase, and this acronym is used when you are displaying something that you have made with the help of things you find in your surroundings that is just pure awesome!

The slang is now not just limited to arts and crafts but had also found its place in other creative areas that polish your skills. There’s DIY in music like punk rock or alternative rock, in radio stations and communities.

DIY has also been a part of the Arts and Crafts Movement where it encourages the idea of your individualism, uniqueness and empowerment. It is supporting the concept of self- creation and that you don’t always need an industry to do your work for you.

This acronym has in itself brought a revolution. People realise that with a little effort and a lot of creativity, they can create wonders just by sitting in their backyard.

A lot of times people also use this acronym when they feel that someone is just laying around when he or she could do it on their own. It is useful when you wish to remove frustration, with this acronym.

Famous DIYs that created trends

  1. The homemade slime

The whole world was shaken when this DIY first came out. More and more people started to experiment and make their slimes using a lot of improvisations. The trend continues to exist and has the same popularity.

  1. Tie and DYE T-shirts

This DIY technique is ancient but it once again gained popularity when people started experimenting with different styles and designs (spray paints, acrylic paints etc.). Afterall, fashion never gets old!

  1. The Explosion box

This DIY is a greeting card cum gift box where you not only just put up cute photos but also can write cute messages. With the growing popularity of the trend, People started using the same DIY technique to make Makeup cases and even pen stands.

  1. DIY Scarf

The one man or more like woman army. This DIY technique showed how you could drape a single scarf in so many ways and occasions. With its popularity, people came up with more creative ideas and they weren’t limited to the veil now. I now can wear a party dress in five different styles!