What does DM mean?

DM is also a part of the communication acronyms. The slang is an abbreviation for Direct Message. The abbreviation is used on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram which popularised its usage. Its primary motive is to convey someone to “directly message” you.  It becomes utterly absurd when you don’t want to discuss a particular topic on a public forum with your 2000 friends reading along with you.

Social media handles like Instagram and Twitter deal more with Photographs and Statuses with a restrictive word limit respectively. They have introduced the option of “DM” to make conversations possible and easy.


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History of the “DM” Phenomenon

Snapchat was the very first app, which came up with an idea of creating something that remains between two people. Later came Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter is the forum where people express their opinions to the world, in a given word limit. This restricts people from having conversations or even share pictures to each other. Instagram also had a similar story. The app continues to be a community where people share their photographs or even artworks. It could be simply anything. But again, there was no other way to get in touch.

So around 2013, both Instagram and Twitter introduced the “DM” feature in their apps. Where people not only could talk to each other but even share videos, memes and photographs. As a matter of fact, you can even click selfies.

This was where a simple “direct message” took the form of an acronym as more and more people started acknowledging it.


With the growing popularity of “dm” or “DM”, People could get in touch with their school or college friends. It became a platform where the whole idea of ideal relationships went digital.

Now even though you are far away from a loved one, you can dm them about your activities and probably also send them a picture of your cup of coffee. This way you still feel they are around.

The acronym has apparently given way to another creative phrase called “Slide into her DM like…” or “Slide into yo DM like…”

This phrase or expression implies that someone who is courageous and dashing enough will send you a private text or DM. The context here is that the particular person may or may not be following you but still were brave enough to send you a flirtatious message or as the phrase says “Slide into her DM”

This Phrase is also prevalent in the form of a hashtag on Instagram and Vines.

Risks involving this acronym

This abbreviation has not only brought people closer but even helped them to feel connected. But that does not mean it does not have its share of downsides.

As the whole concept of DM started getting popular, more and more people began joining these social mediums. Instagram and Twitter especially are open forums where almost everything about you is open to the world.

People could send malicious and horrifying texts to other people that could degrade a person’s image. A person does not know you, still has pretty much full access to your personal life. This has given birth to stalkers and creeps who slide into your dm with messages like “will you be my friend????”

Even though you always have the option to block these people, it still pretty much risks our safety online.



Person 1: AYE! DM me the theme for your party, gotta choose costumes!

Person 2: Ya, sure!

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