What does FML mean?

Just like HML with the difference of H, FML is also another slang that speaks for your bad mood. FML is the abbreviated term for the phrase F*** My Life. Just with the insert of the F-word, it talks about a much graver and worse situation than HML (Hate My Life).

#FML has been a very trending hashtag on Instagram posts and stories, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook too. It is used when you are seriously fed up with the s*** around you and want things to change. More like get better S*** to deal with.


Alternate words for FML

  1. FMLC- F*** My Life Choices
  2. FMLAW- F*** My Life As well
  3. FMLB- F*** My Life Bro
  4. FMLAY- F*** My Life And Yours
  5. FMLATM- F*** My Life At The Moment
  6. FMLAEII- F*** My Life And Everything In It

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Alternate meanings of FML

  1. Fix My Lighthouse
  2. Family And Medical Leave
  3. Forget My Life
  4. Funk My Life
  5. Fix My Liver
  6. Find My Lover
  7. Fix My Life
  8. Free My Life
  9. Find My Luggage


The ultimate slang to rant when the level of bad things has already surpassed HML. This is then some serious thing that needs fixing. FML also has another context with different scenarios. But all of them all leads down to one person being super frustrated.

There is never a collective FML. It always starts with one person and then goes on to other. One context to use this acronym is when you have just experienced something terribly embarrassing, and you are not sure how long will people take to forget it. Also, it can ruin your image. Now that is one severe FML.

The other context is when you end up associated with someone whose second name is trouble. Oops well, need I say more?

Use FML as a way to empathise with other people who issues that you can relate to. This can help you bond and also help each other out. Like a friend with money crisis. You can stop the FML in their life!


Example 1

Person 1: I have to finish studying for eight makeup tests within two days!! FML!

Person 2: Or you can just buy yourself a pizza and then sit at home for the next six months.


Example 2

Person 1: My mom was just called in by the Dean! FML!!

Person 2: Same bro. Same.

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