This acronym also joins the club for more than one phrase that is equally popular. FTW is an abbreviated term for the phrases – For The Win and F*** The World. Now both these phrases have absolutely no connection whatsoever but also give out completely different vibes altogether.

This acronym for both the phrases is not only famous on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter where millions of people connect but is also a very famous subject for the meme makers too. You will find a lot of meme pages which have significant content on FTW and that too for both the phrases.

Again, it truly depends on which one you use it and which one you avoid.

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Origin Story

The acronym has its own origin story. It was first noticed in the year 2000 when the TV show Hollywood Squares was aired. It was a top-rated TV Show of that era, and it is reportedly also around that time when FTW started gaining popularity.

After the rise in that acronym due to the popularity of the tv show, it also spread in the gaming industry.  Defence Of The Ancients or very popularly known as DOTA, an online multiplayer game, started using this acronym too while playing against strangers.

The term then spread to other games like Worlds of Witchcraft. Then there was no going back. It spread like fire, and today it is an uber-popular term in the gaming industry.  But it is also seen on social media sites too.

Usage of FTW as For The Win

The acronym in this context is used when you want to cheer for your MVP! It is very popular in chatrooms, public gaming rooms and even online multiplayer games. People cheer each other and show enthusiasm for them to gain better confidence. It is beneficial when you are playing against each other or with each other, and you use this acronym. It builds self-esteem and better friendships.


Person 1: C’mon boys lets kill them all and aim FTW!!

Everyone: YESSSSS! 

Usage of FTW as F*** The World

FTW in this context is very rude and used by people who are anti-social and hooligans by nature. This acronym is trendy amongst people who are regularly protesting about anything and trying to change things to their liking. One probable example would be the SJWs today who are aiming for things that could maybe offend someone. With this acronym, the message they give out is they don’t care; they will do what they want to do. 


Person 1: FTW! I will not go to rehab!

Person 2: But you need to get rid of your addiction!

Person 1: IDC. And stop being my mother.