What does GOAT mean?

The GOAT is quite similar to MVP (Most Valuable Player) since both of them have something to do with sports and also boasts about the goodness of a person. It is the abbreviated term for the phrase Greatest Of All Times. You use this acronym in a situation where you come across a person who is not just great but exceptionally phenomenal in what they do.

The acronym can usually be seen in the form of status updates while appreciating someone. It can also be used as a hashtag. It is usually seen in all existing social media applications.


Origin story

The traces of this abbreviation are as old as the early 1900s in the field of American sports. During that era, the acronym was used as a way to address the player who was responsible for the entire team’s loss.

The meaning changed later on including the way the acronym was written. Now it was used to describe the person who was Greatest Of All times. But then the word was not as prevalent in other areas.

It was not until 2000 when singer and rapper LL Cool J (AKA James Todd Smith) came up with a music album named G.O.A.T. The singer kept singing G.O.A.T and Greatest Of All Times quite repeatedly in his entire song.

Later in the year 2003, the acronym became quite official when its usage started again in the sports field. It was the same year when G.O.A.T also became the part of the urban dictionary.

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The acronym is often written as G.O.A.T since it is all about respecting the legend and their talent. The abbreviation is like a title and honour in itself because when you say it to somebody, you are letting them know how amazing they are at what they do.

Due to its high standards of measuring the greatness of a person, there are only a few people who have got this honour, and the internet respects them. These people have worked so hard to make a difference in the society so that everyone gets a fair chance in life. Some of them are:

  1. Malala Yousafzai

She is a G.O.A.T because despite being shot thrice for her will to study, she did not give up and today she is the youngest Pakistani Activist who is fighting for the rights of Women to have the right to education.

  1. Laverne Cox

The Orange is the new black star has been educating the world about the trans life and is encouraging the world to have a better outlook towards life and treat everyone equally.

  1. Beyonce

Known as the queen bee, Beyonce has been continually empowering women and kids everywhere she would go so that they too can have a better lifestyle.



Person 1: Do you know, Michael Jordan just got awarded with the title of GOAT!

Person 2: yes, I know! He is really amazing!


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